The Surprising Characteristic Your Favorite Friends Character Reveals About You

There's no TV show that's quite as iconic as Friends. 

It's been 14 years since the last episode premiered and we're still chuckling at all our favorite moments and arguing about which character is the best.

But did you know that your all-time favorite friend can expose more than just your TV preferences? Keep scrolling to see the one surprising characteristic your favorite Friends character reveals about your personality.


While Chandler is sarcastic, entertaining and always ready to make a joke, in reality he uses his constant humor as a defense mechanism to hide his true feelings. And boy, does he have a lot of feelings—which is precisely why you love him so much. Much like Chandler, you have a lot going on in your head. You feel everything around you so deeply that you often don't know how to process everything that's going on, so you turn to humor and other avenues to avoid processing all your emotions. However, your many feelings are precisely what make you such an empathetic and tender person. You're not afraid of bonding with new people, and you know exactly how to make everyone around you feel loved and appreciated. People adore you for how sentimental you are, so try to love yourself for the same reason.

Friends: Chandler

(Friends via NBC)



Being called the "Monica" of your friend group is often said as an insult. It usually means you're pretty high strung and a bit obsessive—aka you tend to kill the fun in your squad. However, if Monica is your favorite character, you can rest assured that you are unquestionably the glue that keeps your friend group together. Sure, you might be a bit too methodical in your approach to life, but that same organization carries over to your friendships.

You're the first to reach out to people and plan a hangout, always ensuring that everyone gets together periodically. You're fantastic at staying in touch with people you care about, and everyone knows they can rely on you to pick them up when they're down… and keep them in line if they need it. Without you, your friends would have no direction and would likely drift apart, ruining the vibe of your crew. Being methodical isn't always a bad thing—take pride in your practical approach to the world because it has a fantastic  impact on your friendships.

Friends: Monica

(Friends via NBC)



Poor Ross is often portrayed as socially awkward and paranoid. He's unquestionably intelligent, but he's definitely not the smoothest operator when it comes to actual human interaction. However, Ross also has a tendency to make quite impulsive decisions, which is exactly what you love about him. Instead of getting caught up in the details and overthinking everything in your life, you prefer to follow your gut feeling and see where it takes you. Things might not always work out perfectly, but you love the adventure and excitement that fills your life because of your spontaneous decisions. Nothing is ever boring when you're around. You're fantastic at filling your life and those of the people around you with plenty of happiness and excitement, which is precisely what everyone loves about you.

Friends: Ross

(Friends via NBC)



Rachel is a pretty universally loved Friends character. In the early seasons she comes across as quite self-centered and spoiled, but as the show goes on she becomes incredibly responsible and driven, even building a career for herself and taking care of her family all on her own. However, Rachel's best quality is that she simply doesn't care what anyone else thinks, which is the quality you possess, as well. It's not that you think you're better than anyone or that you don't care about other people's emotions, it's simply that you have enough confidence in yourself that you don't need anyone else to validate your opinions. You believe you're enough all on your own, so you don't feel the need to tear anyone else down in favor of building yourself up. This makes you an incredibly loyal and encouraging friend, which is precisely why people are so drawn to your magnetic energy.

Rachel Green

(Friends via NBC)



On the surface, Joey seems to be a pretty simple character. He loves dating, food, playing games and hanging out with his pals. He's an all-around good guy, but there doesn't seem to be much going on there. But you see past that outer shell, which is precisely why Joey is your favorite character. Much like Joey, you're pretty straightforward in what you want out of the world. You don't demand much in life, which also means that you're an incredibly generous person. Since you only want the basic comforts, you're always willing to give anything extra to the people around you and ensure that they're happy and thriving. You don't have a mean bone in your body and you're always ready and willing to help, which is precisely why you're such a beloved friend.

Joey Tribbiani

(Friends via NBC)



Phoebe is definitely the eccentric one in the friend group. She always seems to be a little caught up in her own world, and she's certainly not afraid of stepping outside of the box. But your love for Phoebe goes deeper than that. Much like this quirky gal, you believe in doing what's right above everything, which makes you an incredibly honest and straightforward person. You're not one for talking behind anyone's back, mostly due to the fact that you usually find a way to see the best in people. With you, people know that what they see is what they get, which is a rare quality in the world. Your integrity and trustworthiness are some of your best qualities, and just a few of the main reasons that your pals love you so dearly.

Phoebe Buffay

(Friends via NBC)


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