What Your Favorite Friends Couple Says About You

At its core, Friends is about, well, friendship—the whole premise of the series is about that time in your life when your friends become an extension of your family.

There are certainly adorable friendship duos on the show, from Monica and Rachel's persevering high school bond to Joey and Chandler's roommate shenanigans. However, while we love a good friendship moment, Friends would be nothing if not giving us romantic couples to root for, too. In fact, plenty of pairings on the show have topped the list of TV's best couples ever.

Yet all the couples on Friends are very different from one another. Some fell in love after years of friendship. Others pined over one another, on and off, until finally getting together. Who is your ultimate Friends OTP? See what your favorite Friends match says about you below.

Monica & Chandler

You're the practical one of your friend group who believes that life is all about making your own luck—if you want your goals to work out, you have to work hard to achieve them. People may think you're not overly sentimental, but deep down, you're a romantic at heart—you just know that the greatest romantic moments in life don't always look like they do in the movies.


(Friends via NBC)


Ross & Rachel

You're a dreamer and an optimist. No matter how bad things get, you always know that there's a silver lining. You love grand gestures (like, say, running to the airport to profess your love?) and are probably pining over someone right now.


(Friends via NBC)


Joey & Rachel

You're not sure if you believe in "The One"—possibly because your idea of who "The One" could be for you changes every few days. (What, there are a lot of cute people in your Zoom classes these days.) You hate dressing up and your idea of a perfect Saturday is a low-key hangout with your closest friends—and maybe a pizza. If your crush wants to join you, well, the more the merrier.


(Friends via NBC)


Phoebe & Mike

You value your independence and cherish your friends above all else. When a new person comes into your life, you're all about them—but if they stand in the way of your standing weekend brunch with your friends, well, they're not going to last very long.


(Friends via NBC)


Monica & Richard

You consider yourself the mature one in your friend group. You always give great advice and are an ear for anyone who needs to rant about their relationship drama or unfair teacher. In relationships, you always make sure to tell your partner exactly what you want, whether that's a good morning text or the last french fry.


(Friends via NBC)


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