What Your Favorite Holiday Dessert Says About You

It's the most wonderful time of the year—for snacking.

Yes, there are many reasons to celebrate the winter holiday season, from festive lights in the neighborhood to new Netflix Christmas movies, but let's be honest here: the desserts definitely elevate the season. While fall is all about pumpkin spice everything, the end of the year features a different seasonal palate, with peppermint and gingerbread items flooding nearly every shelf at Trader Joe's.

And you know what? Not complaining! While not every holiday dessert will suit everyone's fancy, there's likely at least one item you're looking forward to indulging in come late December.

Want to know what your favorite holiday dessert says about you? Read on, and don't be too alarmed if this list inspires you to stock up on sweet treats during your next grocery store trip.

Peppermint Bark

When you think about it, peppermint bark is basically just a chocolate bar with crushed candy cane on top. Yet, for some reason, it feels ridiculously fancy. Maybe that's because it often comes in a chic tin instead of your typical candy bar wrapper? Either way, if peppermint bark is your holiday go-to, you're a class act who always knows the perfect gift to bring to a party and has never missed a deadline for anything.

peppermint bark

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You have to earn these chocolate coins, and not just in a game of dreidel. These chocolate coins are notoriously difficult to open, which means that if these are your favorite, you believe that hard work and determination always reap the sweetest-tasting rewards.


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Gingerbread Cookies

If you love gingerbread cookies, it's probably because you're equal parts work and play. Gingerbread is a mature flavor—it's not super sweet—but the fact that the cookie you're eating is shaped like a tiny person is whimsical and fun. You pull off great grades, but you don't freak out if you take a study break to binge Schitt's Creek every once in a while. You know you'll get the work done!


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Sugar Cookies

If sugar cookies are your indulgence, it's likely because you're a creative force who loves to turn these treats into an artist's canvass. Whether that means cutting out interesting shapes or going full-on Picasso with icing is up to you.

sugar cookies

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If fruitcake is your favorite, you are someone who hates convention and marches to the beat of their own drum. You don't care what anyone else thinks, made obvious by the fact that most people don't exactly love fruitcake. Who cares! You're a trailblazer, from what you wear to what you eat.


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Hot Chocolate

There's nothing you love more than making everyone feel happy and welcome, which you do with your warm, loving personality. Not only is hot chocolate liquid happiness, but it's also meant to be shared during times of community and gathering, like at a Christmas tree lighting or during your Zoom rewatch of Elf with your best friends.


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