What Your Favorite Physical Feature Says About You

When you're attracted to someone, what feature do you notice first?

Some people like sparkling eyes or a pearly white smile, while others notice a person's figure before anything else. The qualities that you find most important may also reveal quite a bit about you. If you're curious, keep scrolling to find out what your favorite physical feature says about you.


They say the eyes are the window to the soul, so if you're all about a person's eyes, you're probably someone who looks a little bit deeper into a person before you judge them. You're open to different perspectives, and want to see the world as others see it. And whether they have bright, sparkling eyes or dark, soulful ones, you wouldn't mind locking eyes with theirs and getting to know them a little better.

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If you're drawn to noses, chances are that you think outside the box. You notice the things that other people don't see, and find beauty in unusual places. Whether you like button noses, noses with sharp angles or prominent bridges, you're detail-oriented and have a keen eye that deserves some praise.



Those who focus first on a person's lips are often sociable, friendly and good at communicating their thoughts and feelings. Whether those lips are thin, plump or somewhere in between, they're all about the sharing and exchange of ideas, as well as hanging out and having a great time. And chances are that they think about kissing quite a bit.

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If you're all about smiles, it's also likely that you're drawn to big, flashy personalities. You're often drawn to people who are the life of the party and who can make people laugh at the drop of a hat. You go where the fun is, and you look up to those who have the confidence and carefree attitude you wish you could exhibit all the time.



People whose favorite physical feature is someone's hair are usually playful, casual and free. They tend not to take life too seriously and are happy to figure things out moment-to-moment. However, they can also be fickle at times. More than once, they've found themselves completely disinterested in someone they adored following a bad haircut, and that doesn't always make for lasting happiness.



If you're all about arms, you're probably drawn to people who are skilled in one way or another. Perhaps their arms are sculpted from their athletic endeavors, or they are an artist and their arms create incredible pieces out of nothing. Whatever it is, you like to see those arms in motion, flexing and doing their thing—and chances are, you wouldn't mind being swept up in them.



Can't get enough of washboard abs? You're someone who demands the best of the best, and of course, you'd want the object of your affections to be in peak physical condition. You'd prefer to date someone who takes care of themself, and what shows that better than a six-pack?

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Some people are all about butts, and we don't blame them. If you find yourself among them, chances are that you're outgoing, fun-loving and that a good song never fails to get you moving on the dance floor. You live life to the fullest and aren't ashamed to admit that you love those curves.



Last but not least, people who are most attracted to legs are movers and shakers themselves. They're always on the move and looking to change their lives in a big way. They love to travel and have dreams of breaking out of their quiet, one-horse towns and moving to the big city as soon as they can, and they'll find their perfect matches in others who feel the same.


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