What Your Favorite Quarantine Trend Food Says About You

For many, the coronavirus pandemic has made activities such as parties, movies and more feel like they're from a past life.

While things will eventually return to some semblance of normalcy, the quarantine lifestyle has also given people a chance to escape into solo activities they may not have otherwise explored. One of those activities is cooking. With many restaurants on pause, people have found new ways to make food at home—and, with the help of social media platform TikTok, plenty of new recipes to try out.

TikTok has gifted wannabe chefs ample trendy recipes, and since they are easy enough to be explained in mere minutes, it's possible you've already mastered them all. Your favorite TikTok food trend, however, can say a lot about you. Pick your favorite trend below!

Whipped Coffee

You're stylish but would never copy a fashion influencer's #OOTD. Your closet is as unique as you are. You march to the beat of your own drum, and are perpetually forward-thinking. You often wonder why things aren't done differently—and that includes your coffee.


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Banana Bread

You're a homebody who watches Gilmore Girls from the beginning every single fall. You love traditions and always remember your friend's birthdays. People appreciate you because you give the best hugs and most thoughtful gifts.


Mini Pancake Cereal

You are spontaneous and always down for some wild scheme, especially if it involves bending the rules a little. You are a total "yes" person—you believe that everything should be done at least once, and that includes making this time-consuming, if rewarding, breakfast hybrid.


Cloud Bread

You are a true artist—the kind of person who has an epic bedroom that you designed completely on your own. Sometimes you get lost in your own thoughts and your friends have to bring you back down to earth, but you usually bring some brilliant creative idea with you.


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Spicy Vodka Pasta

You are a total gossip who loves getting your friends together on a Zoom for a big gab session—as long as they let you hold court, of course. You don't mind a little playful teasing at your expense, because you're spicy and know you can always dish it as well as take it.


Hot Chocolate Bombs

You seriously wish it could be the holidays every month of the year. You love making even an ordinary day feel extraordinary, be that by surprising your friends by decorating their lockers or planning an impromptu road trip on a random Sunday.


Baked Feta Pasta

You are the mom of your friend group. People come to you for a shoulder to cry on or a dose of kind-but-practical advice. You know exactly how to make people feel better, and usually it's just by quietly listening to what they have to say.


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One-Pan Egg Sandwich

You have so many things you're constantly trying to balance, whether it's your extracurricular activities, a buzzing social life or a bunch of philanthropic endeavors who are counting on you. You can't be bothered to use more than one dish for an egg sandwich—you're on the clock, okay?!


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