Fear of (Hair-Dye) Commitment? Try the One Night Highlight!

We all get cold feet when it comes to choosing a permanent hair-dye.

Luckily there is finally a decent solution to this age-old problem!

Alterna has created a one night highlight free of ammonia, peroxide and synthetic color!

The mousse-like color changer is combed into your hair with a special brush, leaving you with a completely new look that washes out in the shower!

When we first heard about this, we were skeptical to try it, fearful that the dye might leave hair color washed out afterwards. However, not only was that not the case, it actually left hair even smoother and softer than before!

We were pleasantly surprised just how well the "sweet caramel" color we picked to test showed up in dark brown hair. The color left hair a rich golden caramel color with a beautiful glitter quality.

Sweety High gives two thumbs up to this excellent new form of hair dye! Thanks Alterna!

Want to try it for yourself? Pick up Alterna one night highlights – temporary color mousse for $29.