Feast Tells Tale Of Man and Dog Through The Meals They Share!

A adorable new short from Walt Disney Animation Studios called "Feast" will precede the upcoming feature animation Big Hero 6, and we can't wait to see it. Until then, we have a minute-long teaser to watch!winston feast disney big hero 6

The video begins with an adorable French bulldog puppy, all on his lonesome on a dark city sidewalk. When a man drops a crinkle-cut french fry, he gobbles it up. As he offers the pup another fry, the two become close friends.

Before long the man becomes the puppy's owner. The dog gets a name, Winston, and a red collar.

The rest of the short will tell the tale of Winston's owner through the eyes of his loyal puppy companion through the meals they eat together. Winston chows down on pizza, spaghetti, nachos and ham with his best friend.

We love the cel shading animation in "Feast" that gives the story a different look from previous Disney animations. If you want to catch "Feast" in its entirety, catch it before Big Hero 6 in theaters starting November 7!

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