Fellow's Carter Everywhere Mug Is Designed to Enhance Every Aspect of Your Coffee Experience

This year, thanks to discovering caffeine-free cold brew (I'm looking at you, Explorer Cold Brew), I've become an avid coffee drinker.

However, because I'm also a new coffee drinker, I don't have many of the optimal coffee accessories that connoisseurs possess. I decided my first line of order was finding the perfect travel mug, and it wasn't long before I stumbled upon Fellow's Carter Everywhere Mug on Instagram.

I was immediately drawn in by the sleek design and the promise that the mug enhances the coffee-drinking experience, and was quick to request a sample for myself. From the moment it arrived, I knew my search was over. Keep reading to find out why you'll love the Everywhere Mug, too.

The Mug

Fellow is a brand that sets out to help users "brew ridiculously good coffee," with products for grinding, brewing, heating and serving coffee. According to the brand, their Carter Everywhere Mug was designed because most to-go coffee tumblers actually detract from the coffee-drinking experience in major ways. Sure, these traditional cups are sturdy and keep heat in, but they sacrifice taste, smell and touch in forcing you to drink through that little hole in the top. Fellow's mugs don'compromise, maintaining the essential aspects of a great cup of coffee in the process.

Firstly, it does what you'd expect a travel mug to do in terms of temperature. Its double-wall vacuum insulation keeps hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours, and cold ones cold for up to 24 hours. It also closes tight, making it leak-proof, with a 270° twist lock that makes it super easy to close up.

But it's the differences from the norm that make it really stand out. Firstly, it has a wide mouth, allowing for drinkers to get the full aroma of their coffee, as well as to be able to gauge its temperature. No more surprised burn tongues! Its thin lip is also easy to sip from, and its ceramic coating maintains the true taste of your coffee, rather than infusing it with the taste of stainless steel or trapping unwanted smells. It's also wide enough to fit under most pour-over coffee makers or manual brewing devices (and it'll definitely fit under your Keurig, even if that's not the best coffee for the job).

The mug comes in the classic colors of Matte Black, Matte White and Matte Grey, plus limited editions in Mint Chip (which I received), Buttered Popcorn, Golden Hour, Dusk Blue, Warm Pink, Corduroy Red, Cargo Green and a white with a House Plants design. The 12 oz. mug sells for $30, while the 16 oz. one sells for $35.

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The Experience

When I received my Carter Everywhere Mug in the mail, I was ridiculously excited. First, it was stunning—the mint green color is just as darling in person as it is in the photos—and secondly, I couldn't wait to start using it. I gave it a wash with a little soap and hot water and a soft sponge, and then it was time to mix my first mug of coffee.

Carter Everywhere mug mint chip

(via Fellow)

Now, for me, taking my coffee "to-go" usually just means bringing it down the stairs, but even that can result in spills—and we have white carpet, which isn't exactly the best match for coffee. It was amazing mixing my cold brew with half and half and sugar upstairs and being able to bring it down with zero worries about drips. Plus, I was able to lightly froth and mix the sugar right into the cream by giving it a firm shake, which I definitely can't do with my normal coffee mugs.

I'm also a weirdo who doesn't like her hot drinks hotIf there's even a chance that I will burn my mouth on a hot drink, I'll leave it to cool for a long while, and I prefer iced coffee whenever possible, so mostly, I've used this mug to retain the cold, but it works wonders. I haven't tested the promise of 24-hour chill with this mug (my drinks definitely don't last that long) but I have sipped coffees after three or four hours and found them still chilly, and it's brilliant. My test with a hot tea also proved that it stays hot for ages. For me, that's not a huge benefit, but if you love steaming hot drinks, you'll love the experience.

But, for my at-home experience with the mug, the most important aspect has been the taste. It's hard to describe, but my coffees really are more delicious when I drink from this ceramic-coated mug. The flavor seems purer, and I can smell the coffee more, which enhances the taste and enables me to sense the subtler notes in what I'm drinking. This also appears to be even more true with warm coffee than with cold, though I have zero complaints. Plus, on the occasions I don't feel like drinking coffee, it's also a great water bottle since it keeps such a clean taste and keeps in the cold.

Carter Everywhere mug mint chip open

(via Fellow)

The most challenging thing about this mug is that it'not dishwasher safe, which is a bit of a hassle. You also don't want to use a hard sponge or metal utensils inside of it because they can scrape the ceramic coating. While this is a small hassle, cleaning it with a soft soapy sponge after each use isn'too much of a headache, and actually reminded me of the specialness of the mug. Lastly, it doesn't fit in the cup holders in my car, which is a bummer—although Fellow does also make the Carter Move Mug, which does fit in most standard cup holders.


Bottom Line

If you're looking for the perfect travel mug to up your coffee game, I highly recommend the Carter Everywhere Mug. Not only is the price on point for premium mugs, but these mugs are so Instagram-ready and keep the temperature of the drinks precisely where you want them, while also making the drinks taste better. I'm a little bit obsessed and trying the 12 oz. mug has made me very tempted to invest in the larger mug for myself, too.


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