A New Team Of All-Female Avengers Is Almost Here!

Big things are happening in the Marvel Universe, people! Marvel has assembled an all-female Avengers team. The female super group may just be a thing in the A-Force comics, but we have a feeling we'll be seeing them on the big screen sometime soon. Of course, we went ahead and cast the perfect girls for the job. Are you ready to get this film made, Disney?

Marvel Avengers A-Force comic book cover with female superheroes.

(via Wikipedia)

America Chavez is the headstrong female version of Captain America. Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg would be perfect for the role.

America Chavez tumblr edit. Amandla Stenberg at a red carpet with black shorts and a floral top.

She-Hulk, the Hulk's way cooler cousin, is the leader of the A-Force team. This powerful lady could only be played by the butt-kicking Shay Mitchell.

She-Hulk posing with her arms crossed across her chest. Shay Mitchell posing on the iHeart Radio red carpet in a black mini dress with her hand on her hip and a smoky eye.

Dazzler is a 1980s disco queen who gets her power from sound vibrations. Ashley Benson could bring all the fierceness to this super heroine.

Dazzler skating in a white jumpsuit on an X while light shoots from her hands. Ashley Benson at a red carpet event in a white dress.

Medusa is the Queen of the Inhumans (and totally wins the hair game.) How rad would Shailene Woodley look rocking those gorgeous red locks?

Medusa superhero character with long red hair and a skin tight costume. Shailene Woodley at CinemaCon wearing a black suit with red shoes, a red lip and short hair.

Nico Minoru is one magical girl with a ton of attitude. Only Katy Perry could bring this character to life.

Nico Minoru superhero with an all-black outfit and purple power coming from her hands. Katy Perry in an all-black outfit with purple hair on the red carpet.

Singularity is a mysterious being in the comic. Jennifer Lawrence has already nailed the mysterious Mystique, so Singularity is right up her alley.

Singularity tumblr edit. Jennifer Lawrence at the SAG awards in a multi-colored sequined dress with her hand on her hip.

Are you excited for the female-led Avengers? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and don't forget to tell us who you would cast as the A-Force characters at Sweety High.