Give Your Nail Art The Superhero (or Villain) Treatment

When it comes to kicking butt and looking utterly amazing, no one does it quite like these female superheroes and villains. They somehow manage to keep the world safe from harm or cause a tiny bit of chaos without a hair out of place or a single chipped nail. And now you can be just like these fierce females by wearing some nail art inspired by them!

Wonder Woman

A split photo with one photo being of a Wonder Woman cartoon and the other being 4th of July themed nail art.

(via Pinterest + Nail Side)

Wonder Woman is the super heroine we all want to be. The crime fighting princess serves up some major fashion inspo in her flawless costume and has no trouble taking down any criminal she comes across with her trusty lasso. Give your nails an extra kick with this Wonder Woman approved stars and stripes design.


A split photo with one photo being a drawing of Batgirl and the other being nail art inspired by Gotham City.

(via Blog Spot + Nails Mag)

Helping Batman watch over Gotham City is no easy job. But Batgirl somehow finds a way to do it all while looking supes fab. With this nail design, you'll always be able to have your eye on Gotham no matter where you go.

Poison Ivy

A split photo with one being of a new Marvel version of Poison Ivy and the other photo being of a pink floral with green polish nail art.

(via Pinterest + Blog Spot)

The green goddess is loves to make a statement when entering any room…or jungle. This nail design will do just the trick and plenty more. And the vines are a perfect ode to Ivy herself.

Sue Storm

A split photo with one being of a cartoon Sue Storm of Fantastic 4 and the other photo being of a blue to white ombre nail art.

(via Pinterest + Lulus)

Sue Storm's power of invisibility totally comes in handy when she has to fight off Dr. Doom. Give your nails the invisible treatment with this blue ombre design.

Black Widow

A split photo with one being of Black Widow and the other photo being of black nail art with gold accents.

(via FunMozar + Nail That Accent)

Our favorite member of The Avengers likes to keep things simple. There's no need to over accessorize when you're fighting crime. This matte nail polish accented with gold sparkles shows off Black Widow's killer fashion sense and simplicity all in one.


A split image with one image being of a cartoon version of Catwoman and the other being cat themed nail art.

(via Pinterest + Polishpedia)

We've always secretly loved this animal friendly villain. Honestly, how can you not like someone who's a cat lover? We're def feline this cat-tastic nail art. There's no doubt that Catwoman would even slay this design herself.

Which nail design are you going to try out next? Let us know in the comments below. And don't forget to tweet us pics of the nail art you're currently rocking!