Fernish Is Like Rent the Runway—But for Furniture

Let's face it—furniture can be expensive.

And since most of us don't have thousands of dollars sitting aside for a rainy day, we're forced to take the generic, IKEA route. But did you know there's a way to get the type of furniture you actually want, and at a fraction of the price? Fernish is just like Rent the Runway, but for furniture.

We had the pleasure to speak with Taylor Hill, the brand marketing manager for Fernish, about the company and its offerings. Keep reading to find out more!

Sweety High: What services does Fernish provide?

Taylor Hill: Fernish is redefining the home furnishing category by offering consumers the ability to rent premium furniture, accessories and decor. Customers have complete flexibility to return, buy-out or swap items as their needs change, and Fernish makes the process effortless by offering free delivery and assembly in as little as a week.

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SH: Where do you deliver?

TH: Fernish is currently available in Los Angeles and Orange County in California as well as the greater Seattle, Washington area. We have plans to expand to additional markets in 2021.


SH: What is the price range of most of your products?

TH: One of the best things about Fernish is that customers can get stylish furniture for their home without having to pay high, upfront retail costs. Instead of paying $2,000 for a sofa, a customer can get it for $80 a month, and then return it when they don't need it anymore. If a customer wants to keep it forever, all of their payments will count towards their purchase price. Our products range in price depending on the item. Smaller decor and accessories can be a few dollars a month, whereas sectionals and sofas will be in the $80 range.

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SH: Why is Fernish a good service to use?

TH: Fernish combines style, convenience and flexibility. We offer thoughtfully designed furniture and decor, we deliver it to you and assemble it for free and you can keep it as long as you want. Plus, bite-size monthly payments mean you can create a beautiful space without breaking the bank.


SH: What is your payment process like?

TH: Our payment process is simple, kind of like Netflix. Customers make their first payment when they place their initial order, and then they pay monthly over the course of their subscription.


SH: What are your favorite pieces for the office?

TH: With more and more people working from home due to COVID-19, we've had a huge surge in requests for office furnishings! Some of our most popular office items are the Trey Writing Desk (pictured below), Braden Chair and Nixon Office Chair.

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SH: Anything else our teen girl audience should know?

TH: If you're looking to up your style game in your dorm room or college apartment, look no further! It's budget-friendly and has tons of beautiful options to make your temporary living space feel like home.


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