Ferret Gets Stuck In Watering Can: Video Pick Of the Day!

When a ferret gets stuck a watering can, her owners can just watch and cross their fingers. That's quite the tight spot!

Ferret gets stuck

Why do ferrets love digging into small spaces so much? Ferrets are born explorers and absolutely love to squeeze themselves into tight spaces.

While in the wild, this kind of play can lead them to make new discoveries, it can be dangerous inside of a house. Sometimes ferrets can wedge their way into places they really shouldn't be, including inside of clothes dryers and television sets!

This behavior is so common that the word "ferret" has also become a verb meaning "to find and bring to light by searching."

Ferret gets stuck in watering can!

Ferret owners have to be careful to ferret-proof their homes to protect their pets. After all, it can be tough to get them out of some tight squeezes, as demonstrated in this video!