10 Items You Never Knew You Needed in Your Festival Bag

Whether you're heading to the dessert to dance the night away in Indio, prepping to eat deep dish pizza in between sets in Chicago, or dusting off your cowboy boots for shows down South, music festival season has officially commenced, and we're already planning outfits and making to-do lists.

Prepping for the fair grounds is key, as amenities and time are limited once you get there. Sure, there are the obvious necessities like keys, phone and cash, but below we've rounded up a few additional items you never knew you needed. Trust us, your friends will thank you!

Girl at music festival

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Goodwipes Shower in a Wipe: $10

Sure, wipes are convenient, but most of them are loaded with icky ingredients that are incredibly harmful for the environment. That is, until Goodwipes came around! These Shower in a Wipe products are eco-friendly (100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic) and deliver what they promise: a refreshingly clean bod after a stroke of a wipe. These will come in handy after a hot day of dancing in the sun.


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Blister Bee Gone: $17

Nothing kills a dance groove quite like a blister, and with miles of walking, jumping and dancing, blisters are bound to happen. This clean formula was created to prevent blisters with coconut and almond oil for soft, smooth feet that don't rub against shoes. The trick is to apply the balm daily on your feet so you don't get any rubbing all weekend long.

Blister Bee Gone

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Tropic Labs' Overexposed Sun Gel: $29

Chances are you don't spend all day in the sun on a daily basis, especially after a long winter. Even if you're reapplying SPF all day long, there's a solid possibility that you or someone in your group is going to get burnt. That's where Overexposed Sun Gel comes to the rescue. This cooling gel, made with 11 natural oils and butters from exotic tropical fruits and nuts, including coconut, kakadu plum and shea, is so refreshing and calms skin that's been blazing outside all day.

Tropic Labs Overexposed Sun Gel

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Supergoop Glow Stick Sunscreen: $25

Reapplying sunscreen throughout the day is so important, you really should be applying ever two hours! Supergoop's Glow Stick SPF makes applying it way easier and festival friendly. You definitely don't want to put your dirty hands on your face, so this stick makes it super easy to apply on-the-go.

Supergoop Glow Stick

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Love AnyBody Anti-Chafe Stick: $7

Love AnyBody is a new line of body-positivity care products launched by YouTube star Loey Lane, and one of her products is an anti-chafe stick. With all of the heat and hours of walking and dancing, there's a strong possibility you may experience chafing. Whether it's your underarms or inner thighs, the Anti-Chafe Stick (which looks like a deodorant) glides on to create a protective layer that reduces rubbing on irritation-prone areas. It's best to apply this product before you leave the house, but it's also easy to apply on-the-go if you feel you need some more.

Anti Chafe Stick

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Birdie Olika Hand Sanitizer: $16.99 for two

The most adorable hand sanitizer we ever did see! Not only are these cute, they have a revolutionary formula with way better-for-you ingredients, including water, glycerin, aloe vera and high grade essential oils of lemon, spearmint and bergamot. Hand sanitizer is key when hitting the festival because porta potties plus nasty hand washing stations = millions of germs. These also come with cute wipes in case you need to clean off your phone or wallet.


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Flux Portable Charger: $30

Whether it's from IG Storying too many clips of Ariana Grande, or taking too many #OOTD shots, we've all suffered from the sudden sink in battery life. So obviously, a portable charger is something you absolutely need. Our pick is this super sleek and slim Flux charger because it's not bulky and has built-in iPhone and Android charging cords, so no need to lug around anything extra.

Flux Charger

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Elegance Inc. Fashion 911 Whistle Necklace: $48

Fashionable and functional, this on-trend piece of jewelry will make a nice addition to your festival ensemble, while also helping you show your support for your favorite acts without losing your voice, thanks to the sound from the whistle.


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Coco + Carmen BohoBeanie Turban: $19

Keep dust out of the way with this colorful head covering from Coco + Carmen. Whether you use it to cover all your hair or just the top of your head, this piece will keep those locks in tact and your head warm at night, while adding a pop of color to your look!


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The Skin Forum Eye Woke Up Like This Eye Mask: $4

We all know festival hours are long, and your sleep will be limited. That's why Skin Forum's Eye Woke Up Like This eye mask, packed with plant-based collagen, watermelon and botanical extracts, is the perfect festival accompaniment when the bags under your eyes start affecting all your perfect photo opps. Best part is the gold can add to your festive look, so you don't need to feel like a weirdo for temporarily wearing masks on festival grounds.


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