Everything You Need to Know About festivalPass's New Lifetime Founder Pass

We're sure we're not the only ones sick and tired of dishonest prices and surprise fees when we're buying tickets to the events we have to see. That's why we're so intrigued by festivalPass.

festivalPass is all about helping people access their most anticipated events with zero ticketing fees and all kinds of perks, and they're changing the game with their brand-new Lifetime Founder Pass. Curious? Keep reading to discover everything you want to know about festivalPass.

What Is festivalPass?

festivalPass is dedicated to helping people get out there and lead their best lives through incredible experiences that connect us all. A membership means you never pay ticketing fees and that you get member perks (including early digital access to content) as well as monthly credits to redeem for cheaper tickets. That means spending up to 30% less on all kinds of events, from sporting events to concerts, festivals and theater shows, with community at the core of everything festivalPass does.

festivalPass's Gold Plan starts at just $19 per month, or $210 prepaid for the year, with more credits to use each month as well as boosted referral bonuses at the higher tiers.


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The Lifetime Founder Pass

The latest offering from festivalPass is their limited Lifetime Founder Pass, a one-time purchase that unlocks $1,200 worth of credits on festivalPass every year, forever, for as long as the pass is held. That means lifetime access to more than 80,000 live shows and $1,200 to redeem annually for both live events and hotels—plus VIP access to exclusive quarterly events curated by festivalPass.

Anyone who buys the Lifetime Pass will get one of just 10,000 available Founder Passes, and they'll be sold in a unique way. They're unrolling in 10 drops of 1,000 Lifetime Memberships each, with every reveal being accompanied by a Festival Family NFT, inspired by the personalities of fans of live events. In fact, the pass itself actually exists as an NFT. The first Festival Family character is the rocker Legend, and these NFTs will be sold at the lowest price, supporting early backers. These first Lifetime Passes (plus Legend) are currently selling for $1760 plus fees, and nearly a quarter of the first 1,000 passes have already been minted. The next batch of 1,000 will feature a new character, and sell at a higher price, and once 10,000 are sold, that's it.

festivalPass is also unique because it accepts cryptocurrency for both subscription and ticket payments. It's all about ownership, and since the Lifetime Founder Passes exist as NFTs, they can also be bought and sold on the secondary market, providing even more value for early adopters.

festivalPass lifetime founder membership legend

(via festivalPass)


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