Fickle Friends' Frontwoman Natassja Shiner Reveals the Inspiration Behind the Band's Glue EP

Indie pop band Fickle Friends knows how to write a tune that'll get even the worst dancers moving and grooving.

The three upbeat tracks on their latest EP Glue prove to be no different. Full of dancy, electronic instrumentals and catchy lyrics, you can't help but fall for this band's charming new music.

We chatted with the group's frontwoman Natassja Shiner to discover the inspiration behind each song on the EP, what holds this band together and more. Read what she had to say below!

Indie pop band Fickle Friends

(Courtesy of Fickle Friends)

Sweety High: How did Fickle Friends come to be?

Natassja Shiner: We met at the University of Brighton in England. We were a mess for ages. Then something started to click one summer and Fickle Friends was born. The name was actually borrowed from our friend Jon. We just never gave it back.


SH: How does your Glue EP compare to music you've previously released?

NS: It's more of a continuation of recent stuff. It's definitely the more pop side of indie pop. But I think we've managed to retain a few edgy bits and pieces in the music. It was super fun to have the EP tracks mixed by Dan Lancaster, who has worked with Bring Me The Horizon and Lower Than Atlantis. We're such fans!


SH: What was the major source of inspiration for each song on the EP?

NS: We wrote the songs at very different times. We started writing "Vanilla" three years ago. It's about dragging out a summer fling for too long. I think that must have been the case at the time.

"Sugar" we wrote like the week after we signed a record deal last year and it's about how love can have many flavors—sickly sweet, bitter, etc.

The EP as a whole is kind of like three separate extracts from my diary during a summer I felt a bit lost and reliant upon finding "the one."


SH: As the EP is called Glue, what holds you together as a band when times get tough?

NS: We have lots of comical jokes and sayings we turn to. No one feels down for long. There are so many others to pick you up again. Oh, and our mutual love of Nando's.


SH: What bit of advice would you go back and give yourself before you started Fickle Friends?

NS: Be patient. Something cliché like "Focus on the journey, not the destination."


SH: What else can fans expect from your guys in the near future?

NS: A full album is almost in sight. We just want to keep building. We want to travel the world, play to audiences we've never met. We have big ideas for our live shows. No lack of ambition over here!


While we patiently wait for their tour announcement, we'll be jamming out to some new and old songs by Fickle Friends HERE.