Who Is Your Favorite Fake Boyband?

If you're anything like us, your childhood (or your present!) was partially defined by the boyband you held closest to your heart. Even TV characters characters aren't immune to the charms of the boybands from their own realities.Which Fictional Boyband Are Your Destined To Love? Pick from Paisley Sideburns Band, Sev'ral Timez, Boyz4Now and Oh Boyz

We've gone through some of our favorite cartoons and created a list of the best fictional boybands to ever grace our television sets. Pick your favorite boyband in the poll below and we'll tell you which imaginary boyband you should love.

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If you picked One Direction, check out Sev'ral Timez from Gravity Falls

Sev'ral Timez is Mabel Pines' favorite boyband. After seeing them in concert, she goes backstage to discover that members Greggy C., Creggy G., Leggy P., Chubby Z. and Deep Chris are actually genetically engineered clones, designed to be the perfect band, who live inside a giant hamster cage together. Once she rescues them, she has to decide whether to selfishly keep the band to herself or set them free. By the way, each member of the band was voiced by *NSYNC's Lance Bass.

Sev'ral Timez' biggest hit is called "Cray Cray." Listen below.

If you picked 5 Seconds Of Summer, you'll love The Paisley Sideburn Brothers from Phineas and Ferb

The Paisley Sideburn Brothers are Candace and Stacy's favorite boyband, loosely based on The Jonas Brothers. The band plays their own instruments and music appears in various episodes, though they're rarely seen onscreen in the show. Listen to their song "Never Gonna Be An Ordinary Day" below.

If you picked The Vamps, you'll fall in love with Oh Boyz from Kim Possible 

Robby, Ryan, Dexter and Nicky Nick make up the boyband Oh Boyz. The band was hugely popular for a short time, and when their fan base dropped off, they continued playing massive arenas, even when they were totally empty. When they're kidnapped with Ron Stoppable, Ron teaches the band to overcome their egos and work together, dancing along to their hit songs to avoid deadly lasers, and eventually rising to fame yet again. Check out their singing and dancing moves below.


If you picked The Fooo Conspiracy, check out Boyz4Now from Bob's Burgers

Boyz4Now consists of Allen, Matt, Griffin, and the baby of the group, Boo Boo. When teenaged Tina drags her 9-year old, boyband-hating sister Louise to a Boyz4Now concert, Louise expects the most miserable experience of her life. But when she develops her first crush ever on Boo Boo, her world is turned upside-down.

Boyz4Now's discography includes hits such as "Will You Be Mine (Coal Mine)," "Whisper In Your Eyes" and "(I Wanna Hear Your) Secrets." Listen to the last below.

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