You Can Now Make Your Fave Fictional Treats With These DIY Recipes

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could step inside your favorite book, movie or TV show just so that you could try one of their mouthwatering fictional treats?

Belle at table during "Be Our Guest"

(Beauty and the Beast via Walt Disney Pictures)

Well, we certainly have.

While we can't simply step into these tales, we certainly can use our imagination in order to turn these fictitious dishes into reality.

Scroll below for fun and easy DIY recipes to make your favorite fictional foods at home:



We've been dreaming about butterbeer our entire lives. If this sweet and creamy beverage was good enough for our three favorite heroes of the wizarding world then it's good enough for us! THIS recipe will put a spell on your senses.

Butterbeer recipe

(via Delish)


Reptar Bars

While we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of these Rugrats-inspired candy bars by FYE, we're not as excited about their 24-count display that makes these mean treats pricey. Instead, use this THIS recipe to turn your mouth green with Reptar Bars at home!


'Sploosh' Salsa

Anyone who's ever read or watched Holes knows that the made-up concoction sounds mouthwatering. While this treat can't be authentically replicated—as Sploosh was simply old jarred peaches—THIS recipe combines the sweetness of peaches and onions to make a salsa that screams Sploosh.

Sploosh from Holes

(via Fiction Food)


Kronk's Spinach Puffs

Spinach puffs may not be created from the minds of The Emperor's New Groove, but every time we watch this classic comedy, we wish we were sitting at Kronk's dinner table. They're so cute and Kronk-like in every way that we just know they're bound to be surprisingly delicious. Even for spinach. THIS recipe is worthy of any emperor… or llama.

Kronk's Spinach Puffs

(via Cook Fiction)

Krabby Patties

No one will ever know what makes these patties so delicious or what secret ingredient plagues Plankton's curiosity, but if you ask us, we'd say it's love. THIS recipe is rather straightforward, but puts some credible theories to use to bring you an authentic Krabby Patty. For anyone questioning the use of beef, don't forget that Mr. Krabs would have to be one dark sea dweller to make a business out of crab cakes.

Krabby Patty imitation

(via Delish)

The Grey Stuff

The "grey stuff" from Beauty and the Beast has captivated our taste buds our entire lives. We never knew what it was, but we did know that the pudding-like consistency and Lumiere's two-candlesticks-up rating was enough for us to want to try a bite. THIS recipe tackles the Disney-inspired dessert. Bon appetit!

Beauty and the Beast the "grey stuff"

(via PopSugar)

Neverfood Pie

We're not sure if we'd rather eat this treat or throw it at our friends and family from across a long table. Either way, Neverfood from Hook has always been a favorite fictional food that we thought we'd never be able to taste. All THIS recipe takes is a little imagination (and give or take a handful of ingredients).

Hook neverfood

(Hook via Walt Disney Pictures)


Polyjuice Potion

While THIS recipe takes great liberties on the ingredients that actually go into Polyjuice Potion, we just can't resist making this themed drink at our next Harry Potter movie marathon. We just hope this drink tastes as magical as it looks.

Green Polyjuice Potion

(via I Knead to Eat)


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