16 Fictional Places We Wish We Could Visit IRL

Sometimes we wish entertainment could be a little more interactive than time spent staring at our screens. Hasn't anyone ever wanted to be plopped into the middle of their favorite story?

It's no doubt that some of the most travel-worthy places exist only in the books, movies and TV.

If you've ever found yourself desperate to book a plane ticket to a fictional place, browse below for some of our top travel choices:

1. Wizarding World, Harry Potter

There are numerous places we'd like to visit in JK Rowling's wizarding world, but the first stop is definitely Hogwarts. Of course we couldn't pass up an afternoon in Hogsmeade or a shopping trip through Diagon Alley. But, alas, all we can do is visit the Universal models of this magical world.

Hogwarts Castle as first year students arrive

(Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone via Warner Bros.)


2. Genovia, The Princess Diaries 

Genovia is the fictional country that Princess Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo, aka Mia, becomes queen of in The Princess Diaries. While the country itself isn't real, we do get a shot of what promises to be a lush and green terrain. Plus, we hear they have excellent pears in Genovia.

View of the Genovia Castle in Princess Diaries

(The Princess Diaries via Walt Disney Pictures)


3. Stars Hollow, Gilmore Girls

While this town isn't much different from any other suburb, the people who inhabit it are, well, unique. Haven't you ever wanted to do a walk-through of this little town and attend some of the Hollow's annual events? I mean seriously, hasn't it been on your bucket list to sip coffee from Luke's since the day you went caffeinated?

Lorelai and Rory walking in Stars Hollow

(Gilmore Girls via Warner Bros.)


4. Sunnydale, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Those of you wishing to visit Sunnydale are up for some risky business. Sure, the town may be crawling with vampires and other miscellaneous demons, but it would be a real scream to see something out of the ordinary.

Buffy holding a Sunnydale Press newspaper

(Buffy the Vampire Slayer via 20th Century Fox)


5. Hillwood City, Hey Arnold!

While many people have long assumed that Arnold and his friends live in a fictional version of New York City, they're only half right. The name is Hillwood and it's a blend of a few popular cities including the Big Apple, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. Hitting up this animated nation would be like visiting some of the top cities of the country all in one stay.

Hillwood City street from Hey Arnold

(Hey Arnold! via Nickelodeon)


6. Neverland, Peter Pan

Never never say you'never want to visit Neverland. If only we really could think happy thoughts and follow the second star to the right, and straight on till morning. While the threat of pirates is real, we would love to explore all the corners and crevices like the Lost Boys' hideout and Mermaid Lagoon.

Sky view of Neverland

(Peter Pan via Walt Disney Pictures)


7. Emerald City, The Wizard of Oz

I mean, you all saw that horse change colors, right? This looks like one of the most beautiful cities we could visit and, given the chance, I certainly wouldn't pass up the offer to see those vibrant colors in action.

Emerald City on the horizon in Wizard of Oz

(The Wizard of Oz via MGM)


8. Narnia, The Chronicles of Narnia

Umm, hello, who didn't play like they were discovering Narnia in their parents' closets when they were kids? Not only is this the most economical way to travel, but you don't even have to request time off! This is the triple threat in the vacationing world: affordable, time-efficient and magical.

Lucy at lamp post in Narnia

(The Chronicles of Narnia via Walt Disney Pictures)


9. Halloweentown, Halloweentown

For those of you who live for the spookiest holiday, I know you've been planning this dream vacay for years. I would gladly substitute a night of trick or treating for some mischief in the land of eternal Halloween.

City square of Halloweentown

(Halloweentown via Disney Channel)


10. Isla Nublar, Jurassic Park

Minus everything that goes horribly horribly wrong in the movies, this park is calling my name. Aside from being a major dinosaur nerd, the island itself is breathtaking. Just no raptors please. I'm pretty clever, but not that clever.

Front gates of Jurassic Park

(Jurassic Park via Universal Pictures)


11. Atlantis, Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Of course the theory of Atlantis dates long before Disney's rendition of the tale, but I must admit I like the picture that they paint of this hidden city. I'd like to brush up on my swimming skills before entering this underwater island, though.

Disney's Atlantis the Lost Empire movie still

(Atlantis: The Lost Empire via Walt Disney Pictures)


12. Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Top of the to-do list is the bottomless buffet of sweet treats and then next is a sip of Fizzy Lifting Drink. We'd like to avoid that creepy river tunnel and then maybe take a ride in the glass elevator that soars all over the unnamed city that the story takes place.

Willy Wonka's chocolate factory

(Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory via Paramount Pictures)


13. Pandora, Avatar

Well this has just got to be the most beautiful destination on the list. Glow in the dark is very now, and we'd like to take all the IG photos.

Still of Pandora glowing in the dark at night from Avatar

(Avatar via 20th Century Fox)


14. Bikini Bottom, Spongebob Squarepants

What? Pineapples under the sea, squirrels living in airtight domes, krabby patties? What's not to want about this fictional community? As annoying as I'm sure he can be, Spongebob would make an excellent guide for exploring the ins and outs of Bikini Bottom.

View of Bikini Bottom from Spongebob

(Spongebob Squarepants via Nickelodeon)


15. The Shire, The Hobbit

I've always wanted to go to the Shire, I've never wanted to go to Middle Earth. Okay, maybe I'd venture to Rivendell, but the Shire just seems so quaint and, well, safe. While it would be a huge adventure for us, I want to vacay among the people who value food, food and more food. Anyone up for a trip to the next best place, New Zealand?

Bilbo running out of Shire in The Hobbit

(The Hobbit via MGM)


16. Wonderland, Alice in Wonderland

It'll be a really kooky trip, but there's no denying that this fictional world (okay, well dream, really) is a must-visit. Where else can you let your imagination run wild… and a little mad?

Alice in the flower bed

(Alice in Wonderland via Walt Disney Pictures)


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