You Need These Pop-Culture Inspired Fidget Spinners In Your Collection ASAP

Fidget spinners will go down in history as one of the most viral toys of the decade… whether teachers like it or not.

Regardless of whether you've been spinning since day one or you're new to the trend, you need to set yourself apart from the rest of the fidget community with your own unique spinner.

Girl playing with a pink fidget spinner

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Browse the pop culture-inspired toys below to find the spinner that speaks to you:

Slyther-Spin: $40

Rep your Hogwarts house in style with this snaking take on a Slytherin spinner. If you listen really closely, the spinner almost sounds like it's speaking Parseltongue.

Slytherin inspired fidget spinner

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Iron Man: $12.95

I feel like Tony Stark would have something to say about all of this involuntary spinning. He's a superhero, after all, not an astronaut in space training.

Gold Iron Man fidget spinner

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Hello Kitty: $19.99

This "supercute" companion proves that not all spinners have to be sleek in style.

Hello Kitty heads fidget spinner

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Alice in Wonderland: $40

Turn any tea party into a Mad Tea Party with this Wonderland themed spinner. Spin at your own risk because this toy may convince your parents to make your next birthday a less-than-merry unbirthday.

Alice in Wonderland themed fidget spinner

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TIE Fighter: $7

If this spinner could speak it would say, "Pew pew!" Fast and agile, fidget spinners are like the distant cousin of TIE fighters.

Red TIE fighter fidget spinner

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Golden Snitch: $16.99

This snitch-shaped spinner gives a whole new meaning to speed.

Golden Snitch fidget spinner

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Mickey Mouse: $12

The Wonderful World of Disney meets the Nightmare Before Summer… teacher's nightmare, that is.

Teal Mickey Mouse shaped fidget spinner

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Batman: $5.86

This is a toy we both know you need to add to your pre-existing Batman collection. Don't lie.

Black, gold and silver Batman fidget spinners

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Deathly Hallows: $13.05+

Does this count as a fourth magical object? It has the power to annoy adults endlessly and bring constant joy to kids everywhere.

Deathly Hallows shaped fidget spinner

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Game Controller: $9.95

For when your siblings are hogging the real controllers, you can sit there and pretend like you're part of the game.

PlayStation game controller fidget spinner

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Avatar: The Last Air-Spinner: $40

Earth, wind, fire, water, spinner—each of the world's elements to be bended responsibly.

Avatar the Last Airbender fidget spinner

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If you're looking to add an extra dose of personalization to your toy, click HERE for 7 tutorials on how to DIY your own one-of-a-kind fidget spinner.