Love Fidget Spinners? You Won't Be Able to Keep Your Hands Off These Other Fidget Toys

Walking around school, you're almost guaranteed to spot a student or five expertly twirling their fidget spinners.

Why are they so popular? Probably because getting into a groove with your spinner can be totally hypnotic.

But spinners are far from the only awesome toys for those with fidgety fingers. If you focus better when your hands are in motion, you might love the following gadgets even more than your spinner.

Fidget spinners

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FidgetCube: $4.95

While spinners offer one main range of motion to keep your hands at ease, the FidgetCube has six different sides with their own tiny tasks to release your pent up energy. It has loud and silent clickable buttons, a rotating joystick, a light-like switch for flipping "on" and "off," a spinning dial, rolling gears and a clickable ball and socket. There's something here for pretty much every type of fidgeter.

Fidget cube

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Roller Chain: $10.27 

If your school has banned fidget spinners, this toy might be the one for you. It's small, fitting nicely around your index finger so your thumb can fiddle with the wheels. It's also silent, so it won't distract classmates (or catch unwanted attention from your teachers).


Fidget roller chain

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Mokuru: $10

Mokuru is a weighted wood and rubber desk toy that flips on its own when tilted lightly. The more you play with it, the more tricks you'll learn to do with it, harnessing your energy into one focal point all the while.


Bubble Wrap Keyring: $10.99

If you're the fidgeter who loves to pop bubble wrap, you know the pain of popping the very last bubble all too well. This electronic keyring allows you to keep popping to your heart's content.

Fidget bubble wrap

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Gear Ring: $165

This is by far the priciest item on this list—but it's also the most fashionable. The stainless steel ring comes with tiny gears built right into it, so that when you spin either side of the ring, the entire thing comes to life with the help of working gears. If you're a fidgeter who's soothed by the uniformity of clockwork, you'll be obsessed.

Fidget gear ring

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WeFidget Stress Pad: $14.95

This little fidget toy borrows from video gaming to create a familiar design even non-gamers will love. With four buttons to push (two clickable and two silent) and a joystick on the front and a switch and dial on the back, it'll keep you busy even when you can't be playing your fave game.

Fidget controller

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Thumb Chucks: $9.99

If you love the swinging, twirling motion of a fidget spinner, you'll probably love Thumb Chucks. They've got an app featuring tutorials for great tricks if you want to become a skilled Thumb Chucker, or you can just fling them around to release tension. Plus, they glow when you clack them together!


Fidget Dice: $9.98

If a six-sided cube wasn't enough for you, this 12-sided fidget die just might do the trick. Whatever sensations you prefer for keeping your fingers occupied, this gadget probably has them.


Fidget dice

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Think Ink Pen: $1.99

This incredible fidget toy doubles as a working pen. The magnetic pen clip makes it detachable and reattachable, it has a spinning ball you can silently push around the pen and the pen itself is super springy and flexible. It's just the thing for staying focused and keeping on top of your work in class.


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