New Music Friday: Fifth Harmony's 7/27 Is All in Our Heads

We're sure you're all busy freaking out over Fifth Harmony's 7/27 album as much as we are.

But these lovely ladies aren't the only ones who've released some stellar jams this Friday. Listen to these four other new releases to get hyped for Memorial Day weekend:

Fifth Harmony "All In My Head" Dancing With the Stars Performance

(Photo Credit: ABC/Adam Taylor)


1. "All In My Head" by Fifth Harmony

7/27 may just be our fave album yet from the girls! While every song on the album has us moving and grooving, "All In My Head" really stood out for its unique stylings. It's unlike anything we've heard from the girl group before.


2. "Well, I'm Sorry" by Real Friends

This bop from the pop-punk band is the ultimate reminder that you don't have to be perfect. Like the song notes, you can't make everybody happy and it's most definitely okay.


3. "California" by Kina Grannis

Kina is a gift to this world that we aren't worthy of accepting. Her powerful acoustic anthem "California" blends her sweet vocals with her poignant lyrics so beautifully. You might want to grab several boxes of tissues before listening to it though.


4. "Always On My Mind" by Hanna and Andrea

Hanna and Andrea have delivered a pop masterpiece in "Always On My Mind." The single is incredibly catchy with it's chorus and jamtastic beats.


5. "Tears" by Clean Bandit feat. Louisa Johnson

Dealing with a breakup is never easy, but "Tears" can help make this process a little bit less painful with it's upbeat vibes.


And here's the playlist of all these new tunes to make listening easier for you:


Don't forget to give a listen to all the songs that came out last week, especially Bea Miller's "Yes Girl," HERE!