Fun Facts Even the Biggest Fifth Harmony Fans Might Not Know

All you Harmonizers out there, sit down and listen up.

You may think you know everything there is to this fierce five-member band, but we may be able to prove you wrong.

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Scroll through these 11 little-known facts about the band and see how big of a fan you truly are. And when you're done studying up on 5H, click HERE for a chance to win a meet and greet and VIP tickets for their 7/27 Tour.

1. The group had several names before they landed on Fifth Harmony. Initially, they were called Lylas (an acronym for Love You Like A Sister), then they were called 1432 (which stands for I Love You Too) and finally they were almost named CANDL (their initials). We personally think they made the right decision.

2. Not so surprisingly, every member of 5H is a fan girl of Beyoncé. But did you know that on Normani's 17th birthday, she got a signed autograph from the Queen herself? She freaked.

3. 5H's fashion designer for their 7/27 tour, Michael Costello, also happens to be the designer of some of Queen Bey's tour costumes. Fierce. Fierce. Fierce.

First ???? working hard on our new show costumes with the amazing @MichaelCostello #727Tour ???? ✨

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4. Simon Cowell reportedly said that if Dinah hadn't forgotten the lyrics to her song "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" by Kelly Clarkson during The X Factor bootcamp, she would have made it through as a solo artist.

5. Fifth Harmony is the first finalist from The X Factor to hit Billboard's Hot 100's top tenand their their single "Work From Home" was the first song form a girl group to crack Billboard's top ten since The Pussycat Dolls' "When I Grow Up."

6. Speaking of other girl groups, Fifth Harmony seems to be ruling the girl group industry. Although Little Mix, GRL and Neon Jungle have been notable bands in this space, 5H is the one group that has made a large impact in the United States

7. Did you know that the girls co-wrote "All in My Head (flex)" with Fetty Wap for their sophomore album 7/27?! They did. And we're obsessed.

8. "Work From Home" was originally called "Work" until Rihanna dropped her hit single with the same name. The girls decided to add the additional two words to avoid confusion.

Thank you for making #WorkFromHome the most added record at Top 40 radio!! ???????? (link in bio)

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9. Before Dinah and Normani joined the group, they had previously released their own solo songs. When Normani was 13, she released a song called "Do," and Dinah released a cover of Masta Ace & Edo G's "Dancing Like A White Girl" on iTunes in 2011.

10. Ally was (and probably still is) a fan of Disney's hit show Lizzie McGuire. In fact, she told Mashable that she performed "What Dreams Are Made of" from The Lizzie McGuire Movie in her elementary school talent show. C'mon, there's no way you knew that!

11. Camila's New Year's Resolution for 2016 was to learn how to play the guitar. Can we expect to hear her playing on their third album?!


Are you stunned, shocked, amazed–or as a super fan did you know all of the above? One thing we're sure you don't know yet, is which member of 5H you are most like. Take our quiz HERE to find out which girl is your soul sister.