Here's Why Fifth Harmony's Hiatus Is Actually a Good Thing

And, just like that, one of our fave girl groups bites the dust.

In a statement posted early Monday morning, Fifth Harmony announced that they were taking an indefinite hiatus to allow each member of the band to pursue solo careers.

After 6 years of amazing music from these boss babes, it's understandable that we're all a little upset at their recent announcement. However, every band breakup cloud has a silver lining. Keep scrolling to see why Fifth Harmony's hiatus is actually a good thing.

It's Not Necessarily Permanent

In their official statement, the band called their break a "hiatus," implying that it's not, in fact, permanent. A hiatus is a short interval where the ladies can pursue their own goals, but it also means that there is still a chance that they will reunite on day.

Of course, it's possible that each of their solo careers could be wildly successful, meaning that we have probably seen the last the Fifth Harmony together, but they're definitely leaving the door open for a reunion in the future.

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It Will Help Them Develop Their Talents More Fully

In an interview right before the release of her solo album, former Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello made it clear that she left the group because she didn't feel that she had the freedom afforded to solo musicians. She wasn't able to participate in the songwriting, and she felt limited in her ability to collaborate with other artists.

Since then, the singer has experience massive success, winning the Billboard Women in Music award for "Breakthrough Artist" and reaching the No.1 spot on the Billboard Top 100 for her catchy tune "Havana." If Camila is any indication, the ability to explore their musical talents more fully will only have positive effects for the remaining members of Fifth Harmony.

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Their Final Shows Are Sure to Impress

At the end of their statement, Fifth Harmony makes it clear that they plan to finish out the rest of their scheduled shows. Considering it will be the last time that the women perform together for a while, these shows are guaranteed to be amazing. Seeing these girls in their element and experiencing their comradery and onstage presence for the final few shows will definitely be unbeatable. Where do we get our tickets?

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It Means More Solo Music From These Amazing Ladies

Each member of Fifth Harmony has made it clear that they are not leaving the music scene, they just want to pursue solo careers. Kordei has already collaborated with Khalid to create "Love Lies," and Brooke released her first debut single "Perfect" earlier this year. While we'll definitely miss their stage presence when they're together, this hiatus also means that we get to experience even more spectacular music from these amazing ladies.

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