Fifth Harmony In the Studio Recording New Songs!

Fifth Harmony have been in the recording studio putting together their debut album, and everyone involved is saying the album will be a hit! We can't wait to see the results of Fifth Harmony in the studio!

The girls have a second single coming out on Monday called "Me & My Girls." It'll premiere on Radio Disney!

fifth harmony

Jason Evigan, a songwriter and producer currently working with Fifth Harmony in the studio, only had great things to say about the girls when he spoke to MTV News.

"You know what the cool thing about them too is they're really young," Evigan said, "but you kind of forget that because they're super mature and the way they take care of each other and the way they have respect for each other is very different than I remember when I was in high school."

He added that the girls are incredibly caring and enjoy each others' company.

"There's no egos," he said. "I feel like they're off to a really good start. They have a strong foundation."

Their first single, "Miss Movin' On," released last month. Evigan was one of the song's writers. When it came time to record the track, Evigan was impressed with the vivacious girl group.

"The girls came in the room and their energy is so amazing and their vibe, probably out of every artist I've worked with, they have this crazy cosmic energy," he said. "They started making up all their own harmonies. They were rocking out, jumping around the room. At that point I was like 'I'm in.'"

The girls proved their mettle, and Evigan wrote additional songs for their upcoming album.

"I'm a firm believer that Fifth Harmony is going to be something big. I got faith in these girls now. I'm a fan for sure," Evigan said.