These Lesser-Known Fifth Harmony Songs Are the Perfect Back-to-School Jams

The ladies of Fifth Harmony took home the award for Song of the Summer with their hit "All in My Head (Flex)" at the 2016 MTV VMAs this past weekend, but a handful of their other tunes can get you hype for going back to school now that summer is basically over.

Get ready to listen to the most epic playlist featuring some lesser-known 5H tunes that will actually make you excited to start classes again.

You guys!!! AIMH is OFFICIALLY the #VMAs Song Of Summer ????✨ thanks for voting babes, you killed it!!

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1. "Don't Wanna Dance Alone"

This song is sure to help make waking up in the mornings so much easier. Turn it up and have a little dance party in your room to get stoked for the day ahead.


2. "Brave, Honest, Beautiful" feat. Meghan Trainor

If you need a reminder that you're amazing and can accomplish anything, you need to blast this jam.


3. "Gonna Get Better"

While "Gonna Get Better" is all about sticking it out through the toughest of times in a relationship, the message can easily be translated to your school day. You're going to have some difficult days, but it will only get better from there.


4. "Reflection"

When we look in the mirror, it's easy to criticize every single flaw we see. Instead, take a note from this tune and realize you're gorgeous just the way you are. Learn to love your reflection.


5. "The Life"

When you and your besties are strutting your stuff down the hallways, this better be playing in the background.


6. "Who Are You"

Literally the perfect song to describe how you feel about all those mixed signals your crush is sending your way. Why are boys the most confusing creatures?


7. "I Lied"

Listen to this bop while you're getting ready in the mornings and it will immediately put you in a positive mood.


8. "Scared of Happy"

Don't be afraid of what makes you happy. You may really enjoy science or math and your friends may not understand. Don't let that drag you down. There's no need to hide your love for what puts a smile on your face.


To make listening easier, we've included all of these bops in a Spotify playlist below:


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