Fight For Your Right To a Cell Phone!

Do you have a cell phone yet? Chances are you had to struggle with your parents a little bit before they agreed to make that big step and buy you a phone of your own.

There are a bunch of factors in their decision, including how mature your parents think you are, and how often you need to talk to each other when you're apart.

The website Mashable asked parents what they thought was the right age for kids to get cell phones. Check out the breakdown:

Age 5-8: 6.2%
Age 9-10: 8.5%
Age 11-12: 31.2%
Age 13-14: 34.4%
Age 15-16: 14.2%
Age 17-18: 5.5%

What do you think is the right age to get a cellphone? Tell us in the comments below, and also vote in our poll to tell us when you got your first phone!

How Old Were You When You Got Your First Cell Phone?

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