7 Fights Every Couple Has That Are Totally Normal

Think of the happiest couple you know. While it may seem like it's all rainbows and butterflies, things are always different behind closed doors.

Every couple fights—it's a normal part of being in a relationship. Tbh, if you aren't fighting, that's when you should be worried. No matter how trivial or big an argument might be, we've all been there… so just know you're not alone.

Keep reading to find out the seven fights every couple has that are totally normal:


1. They Were Late to Pick You Up

If your S.O. has ever been late to pick you up for a reservation, show, movie, game—literally anything—welcome to dating in the 21st century. If this happens every once in a while, you likely let it slide, but if it's a recurring thing, that's when the earrings come off. At some point you'll hit your breaking point and blow up in their face.

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2. They Hang Out With Their Friends Too Much

Whether it's you who hangs out with your friends too much or vice versa, somebody'going to be upset. Let's say it's you who spends a lot of time with your friends—remember to set aside some one-on-one time with your S.O. If they think you're always with your buddies, it just means they want to spend more time with you, so take it as a compliment.


3. They Aren't Romantic Anymore

Once you pass the honeymoon stage of your relationship (yes, it's a real thing), you might hop into a routine. Your partner likely pulled out all the stops when the two of you first started dating, but now that you're together, they might have taken a step back. To you, it feels like they aren't romantic, but to them, they've just gotten comfortable with your company. In order to avoid future fights like this, set up a recurring date night.


4. They're On Their Phone While You're Talking to Them

Say you're in the middle of a conversation with your partner and they whip out their phone—chances are, you'll have steam coming out of your ears. How dare they scroll through Instagram while you're complaining about your parents?! A cardinal rule every relationship should have is no phones, but since that's not exactly realistic, limiting the time you're on your phones when you're together is the next best thing.

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5. They Have a Wandering Eye

It happens—you'll catch your S.O. looking at someone for a teensy bit too long. This inevitably leads to a very heated conversation where you express your hurt feelings. It's one of the worst fights to have because you begin to question if they're really in it for the long haul, or if they're being unfaithful. It places doubt in your mind and you lose a bit of trust in them. This happens to everyone, so keep in mind that they likely didn't mean anything by it.


6. They Follow Their Ex on Social Media

When you first started dating and noticed they still followed their ex on social media, you probably kept your thoughts to yourself. But once you made things official and they're still following them, it seems unacceptable. Why would they need to keep tabs on their ex when they have you? Are they secretly DMing them? These are the thoughts that go through your mind, and ones you should definitely share with your S.O.


7. They Never Hit You Up First

When a relationship feels one-sided, it can get pretty draining. If you're the one who always hits them up first, you get angry that they don't care enough to do it themself. Even if it's something as little as sending a goodnight text, if you always initiate it, your feelings will majorly be hurt. Do they not care enough about you to wonder how your day went? Chances are, once you let them know what you're thinking, they'll switch up their behavior.

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