FILA Pokémon Just Dropped an Adorable Line of Pokémon Shoes—But There's a Catch

FILA has just launched a new line of Pokémon sneakers, and we've gotta catch 'em all.

These adorable Pokémon shoes launched in South Korea today, Feb. 9. There are six styles in total, featuring designs inspired by Jigglypuff, Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle, plus two unique designs for fan-favorite, Pikachu.

Pokémon FILA sneakers fanned

(via FILA Korea)

The shoes come in tube-shaped packages with a Poké Ball print. For the most part, the designs of the shoes are subtle, with color variations inspired by each Pokémon and a Poké Ball shape on the tongue of the shoe. For these styles, the actual Pokémon are featured only inside of the left shoe.

The exception is the vibrant yellow Pikachu print, which is covered in a sweet Pikachu pattern.


Pokémon FILA sneakers pink Jigglypuff

(via FILA Korea)



Pokémon FILA sneakers black charmander shoes

(via FILA Korea)



Pokémon FILA sneakers beige bulbasaur sneakers

(via FILA Korea)



Pokémon FILA sneakers navy squirtle shoes

(via FILA Korea)

Pikachu – White

Pokémon FILA sneakers white Pikachu sneakers

(via FILA Korea)


Pikachu – Yellow

Pokémon FILA sneakers yellow Pikachu shoes

(via FILA Korea)

While the shoes will only be available to purchase in stores in South Korea, they're also featured in FILA Korea's online store.  Each pair of shoes retails for 39,000 Won, or about $36.



Pokémon FILA sneakers

(via FILA Korea)

In trying to buy a pair for ourselves, we ran into a couple of issues. First, the language barrier was a problem. Secondly, we couldn't find a way to include U.S. telephone numbers or addresses in the shipping info, so we couldn't complete the checkout process. So sad!

Pokémon FILA sneakers spread on yellow background

(via FILA Korea)

We're going to reach out to see if there's any way to circumvent these rules. In the meantime, we're still allowed to gawk at them all we want.


Desperate to get these shoes? Click HERE to get inspired by more pieces of our favorite Pokémon fashion.