7 Truths You'll Definitely Relate to If You're in Your Final Semester of High School

Do you have a case of Senioritis? Does the thought of pre-pubescent high school boys make your skin crawl? Have you been proudly sporting your college mascot on everything you wear?

Hmm, sounds to us like your high school graduation is just a hop, skip and a jump away. If this is the case, keep scrolling for seven truths you'll only relate to if you're in your final semester of senior year.

1. You Watch the Minute Hand in Every Class

You've made it into college so why on earth do you still have to sit through these pointless high school lectures? You probably find yourself zoning out and watching the minute hand on the classroom clock slowly tick by. Of course you did this all through high school, but now it's become normal to stare and daydream and watch the minutes tick centimeters at a time. The countdown to graduation is on.


2. Prom Is on Your Mind 90% of the Time

Really the only important part of your school day is talking about prom. You talk about it at lunch. You talk about it with your girls at your locker. You make impromptu prom meetings during Chemistry just to gush over the promposal that happened right before second period.

mean girls prom photo

(Mean Girls via Paramount Pictures)


3. If Someone Asks You What School You've Decided on One More Time, You May Explode

High school's almost over and you're still trying to soak up its final glorious moments while you can, but the only topic on everyone's mind as an outgoing senior is, "What college are you going to?" Maybe you've decided, and if so, a huge relief is off your shoulders—but for those who aren't making a decision until the last minute, can everyone please pipe down?


4.  You Finally Know Your Social Security Number

Thanks to all the college applications you've filled out, you now know your social security number even backwards. You probably couldn't forget it if you tried… but we recommend remembering it. You'll need it plenty in adulthood.


5. 'I'll Sleep When I Get to College' Is Your New Motto

Between college applications, prom, finals, sports, senior prank and spirit week, you're lucky if you get five hours of sleep a night. From the rumors you've heard, sleep will be a lot more plentiful in college. You hope, anyway!

tired students in library

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6. You Have Erratic Sentimental Meltdowns

As excited as you are to hightail it out of high school, you find yourself having spontaneous moments of emotion. You'll suddenly reflect on the first time your crush came over to your locker in between class, or that time in English you and your bestie got in trouble for laughing at an inside joke. The memories run deep.


7. You Think About All the Upcoming Events That Require New Shoes

You still have prom, graduation and plenty of award nights before you say goodbye, and those moments should all happen in some really epic shoes. Besides, it's the only part of your outfit you can personalize with your cap and gown.

glass slipper

(Cinderella via Walt Disney Pictures)


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