Get Through Finals Week With This Ultimate Survival Kit

Finals are the last obstacle standing in the way of summer vacation. It's a bittersweet week which we dread, but on the other hand, the completion of the week means school's out for summer… that is, if you make it out alive.

In order to ease one of the toughest weeks of the year, create a survival kit using the items we masterfully put together below:

Stress Relief Eucalyptus Hand Lotion

Eucalyptus is a great scent for stress relief. Keep a bottle of lotion on hand at home and at school so you stay in a peaceful state of mind all week.

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Invigorating Bath Salts

No one said you have to study at a desk. Make some flashcards and study while you soak in some invigorating bath salts. The tub will help relax your frenzied state while providing the refresher you need to kick butt during finals.


On-the-Go Brain Food Snacks

We're talking trail mix, individual bags of popcorn, oatmeal bars, fruit and veggies. It's not just a myth that parents like to perpetuate… healthy food really does energize the brain.


Pre-Planned Rewards

Break up the week with some small rewards to be the light at the end of the finals tunnel. Before finals week, buy a few personal gifts that will keep you going strong, such as a $5 Starbucks gift card or a bottle of nail polish to restore those nails that you gnawed on all week.

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Many of us are prone to biting our lips when we're thinking or stressed. Provide relief instead of sitting at your desk for hours feeling uncomfortable.


Surplus of Pens and Pencils

Wouldn't studying be at least a little bit more fun if you were using pencils that were glammed-out with sparkles or your favorite animated characters? You can grab a bundle super cheap from a dollar store and brighten up your daily studying. Alternatively, pick up a brand new set of your favorite pens that make you feel confident as you write. We all have a particular brand that we know makes our handwriting look better. Magic.


Hair Ties

Push up those shirt sleeves and tie up your hair because you're about to do some serious damage to these finals.



Our immune system takes it personally when we get stressed out and we become more vulnerable to catching a cold. Replenish your Vitamin C intake before you add sickness to your list of reasons why this week totally stinks.


Sticky Notes + Tabs

For quick studying before your test, these sticky notes and tabs will make it super easy to flip to the exact page on which you need a refresher.

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Water Bottle

You need water, and lots of it. Water keeps us feeling refreshed, energized and alert. For an added bonus, try infusing your bottle with mint, lemon or fruit. You can also try adding some drops of food-grade essential oils if you have them on hand.


List of Affirmations

Look, it's really easy to get down on ourselves during finals week because our stress levels are high and our sleep deprivation is real. Write out a list of affirmations to say each morning or read throughout the day. Life existed before finals, and life with exist after them. Even if I don't do as well as I hoped, I'm still doing just fine. I'm smart and I can get through these tests. 


Now that you've done all your studying, destress before the big exam with THESE songs that will help you keep calm.