How to Find the Right Bangs for Your Face Shape

We're no strangers to wanting bangs.

It seems like just as our hair reaches our "goal" length, we instantly want to chop it off or do something new. The great bangs debate is something we go through annually, but which style of bangs to choose?

Since bangs really do frame the face, it's important to go with a style that works for your hair type and face shape. Below, we've got the best style of bangs to flatter your face shape.

Square-Shaped Face: Brow-Grazing Fringe Bangs

Square face shapes have a strong jawline that's even with their forehead, so in order to soften the shape of your face, bangs that hang right at the brow, and are wispy and airy in texture will look best on you. This look will add femininity and romance into your everyday look.

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Round-Shaped Face: Thick Side-Swept Bangs

For round face-shape gals, your most flattering option is to go for a heavy side swept look. This will help elongate your face shape, flattering your cheekbones and eyes. The beauty of these bangs is that they're way less committal than straight-across bangs, and if you're really enjoying the heavy side-sweep, you can graduate to wispy fringe bangs on both sides.

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Heart-Shaped Face: Wispy Fringe Bangs

Heart-shaped faces have a wider forehead and cheek area, and a narrow chin and jawline. The goal here is to create bangs that help elongate your face from the forehead down, since you already have a good amount of width. Wispy fringe bangs do just that and are soft so they hug all your facial features just right. Think Brigitte Bardot, this style is tres chic.

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Oval-Shaped Face: Any Bangs

As per usual, oval face shapes win the bangs lottery. You can pretty much wear any style bang that you want. Since your face is balanced and neutral, you can go for super daring styles like micro bangs and they'll look good on you.

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Long-Shaped Face: Thick Straight-Across Bangs

Long face shapes are lucky because they have so much room to play! The most exciting style for you to try is the thick, straight-across bang. These are not easy to pull off, but on you, they look brilliant so take advantage.

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