The 9 Stages Of Figuring Out What In The World You Will Be For Halloween

October 31st is less than 3 weeks away, and we bet you have no idea what you're going to be for Halloween. Just know that you're not alone (even though we've been recommending some genius ideas) and we know exactly what you're going through.


A still from K.C. Undercover of Zendaya sitting in her clothes and a girl sitting next to her wearing a bumblebee costume.

1. Your friends have been wearing their Halloween costumes since October 1 and you just sit there like…

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An Internet meme that reads "One does not simply choose a Halloween costume."

2. Deciding what you're going to be for Halloween is even more difficult than choosing which band member to make your #MCM.

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A purple My Little Pony and a pink My Little Pony are at the center of a meme

3. Don't you just love it when you try to be out of the box with your Halloween costume, but nobody gets what you're supposed to be?

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4. Or when you finally find the perfect costume, but it proves to make you a little accident prone?


A Pinterest fail of a girl who attempted to do Pop Art makeup for Halloween

5. At least all those DIY costumes are super easy to make, right? Haha, NOT!

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A corgi wearing a bed sheet to dress up as a ghost for Halloween.

6. Shout out to bed sheets for existing. At least you can say you ~tried~ on your ghost costume.

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A girl wearing a pumpkin mask and a white dress in the middle of a field

7. You can always just throw on a spooky mask and call it a day.

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A girl with long brown hair and dark lipstick on wearing a white shirt that has 'This is my Halloween costume.' written on it in bold black letters.

8. When you joke that this will end up being your Halloween costume and it actually does end up being your costume.

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A meme from The Addams Family of Wednesday Addams explaining that she is a homicidal maniac for Halloween.

9. And then suddenly it's Halloween and you're left without a costume, which means this is your best bet.

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