Is Bubble Art the Hot New Decor Trend of the Summer?

Bubbles have been popping—pun intended—up more and more at recent events.

Now these bubbly creations aren't the typical floating orbs you're used to playing with at beach parties and backyard BBQs. They make those bubbles look like child's play.


At the Matthew Williamson and Summer Party event in London, England, bubbles took over. The floral fashion may have been on everyone else's minds, but we were awestruck by the bubble art.

Bubble watch duties. ????????????

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Of course there were an abundance of bubbles at the Finding Dory premiere in Los Angeles, California, but they were more magical than you would've expected. You can even see these insane bubble tricks performed by The Bubble Guy at the El Capitan Theatre from now until August 7.


Now these aren't the only examples of people creating some jaw-dropping bubble art.

Chinese artist Justin Chow crafts intricate sculptures just from the foamy concoctions. We don't know where he gets the patience to do such a thing, but we would definitely like to know.


On the mean streets of New York City, bubble aficionado Bubbledad is self-taught in producing sensational works of art. He's worth following on Instagram for the simple fact that his bubble masterpieces are sure to put a smile on your face.

Ok, same bubbles in slo mo. #funwithslomo

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Sure, the bubbles at the Finding Dory premiere were unbelievable, but what also caught our attention was Ellen DeGeneres' striking bomber jacket. Discover where you can purchase a look similar to Ellen's HERE.