You Tell Us: Which Character Are You Most Excited To Meet In 'Finding Dory'?

Nothing else matters because a brand new trailer for Finding Dory was just released. Now we finally have some back story on where Dory came from and the adventure she will go on to reunite with her family. Apart from our fave characters making their return, we will also be introduced to plenty of new characters during Dory's journey. We'll get to know her former whale shark friend Destiny and the mysterious octopus Hank. Both of which are clearly amazing, but which character are you already obsessing over? Vote below. Oh, and if you haven't seen the trailer, watch it NOW!


Finding Dory isn't the only movie coming out this summer that we're dying to see. Disney's The BFG and Pete's Dragon are also being released. Which movie are you beyond ready to see? Vote HERE!