Meet FINESSE—The First Fashion House Powered by Artificial Intelligence

When we think of fashion, AI isn't typically the first thing that comes to mind.

FINESSE, however, is completely changing the game. They officially launched Jan. 27 and have already seen major success. And the best part? It's all geared toward you, Gen Z. So, what exactly do a fashion house and artificial intelligence have to do with each other?

Keep reading to find out all about FINESSE, the first fashion house powered by artificial intelligence, as well as our thoughts on the brand:

FINESSE isn't run like a typical fashion house at all. In fact, they don't even use designers. Rather, they let AI take charge. Data and community feedback are what drives their decisions, and let us tell you—it's truly unique.

Dubbed "Finessers," the FINESSE community is able to vote on potential styles they'd like to see come to life. AI takes all of this into consideration and produces pieces in as little as 25 days. Trends the public likes are what make the final cut, meaning you're pretty much guaranteed to love the pieces. Each "set" typically includes a top, bottom, outerwear and sometimes accessories.


Perhaps our favorite aspect of the brand FINESSE is their attention and devotion to sustainability. Each year, the fashion industry contributes to global pollution. In fact, it's the second leading cause. Taking that into consideration, FINESSE's AI is able to scroll through its algorithms to determine just how many pieces need to be made, ensuring there is almost never a surplus.

Keeping that in mind, it makes FINESSE all the more covetable, since pieces are only available for a limited amount of time. Right now, for example, there are seven active drops, and past drops can also be purchased on their "products" tab.


In regards to the type of clothing made by FINESSE, we'd label it eccentric. It's no Revolve, and it's certainly not for a person who doesn't like attention. FINESSE is for Gen Zers who are into TikTok—maybe even E-Girl, Euphoria-inspired clothing—and that's just what's available now. We can only imagine how incredible the future drops will be.

We're personally obsessing over the Gigi set, as it's perfect for lazy, chilly nights in. The set comes with sweats, a jacket and a vest, all in baby blue and pink hues. We can tell you firsthand it's insanely comfy, roomy and something we've worn a handful of times in the last few weeks.


If you're wondering whether FINESSE is for you, we'd give you a resounding yes. Founder Ramin Ahmari calls it Zara meets Netflix, and we couldn't agree with the statement more. Ramin strongly believes in creating a community where gender norms and stereotypes don't exist, and we love to see where that will take the brand.


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