Pop Artist Finn Matthews Debuts His Raw and Powerful Music Video for 'Half Hearted'

Have you ever taken a step back from what you're doing, dug deep inside and asked yourself, "Have I really done my best?"

If you have, and you've ever answered "no," then you know just how it feels to do something half hearted.

Like you and I, pop artist Finn Matthews has experienced the sensation of not putting his all into something. The only difference between us and Finn, is that this pop artist has a song, "Half Hearted," written entirely about the experience.

Finn Matthews sitting on a couch

(Photo Credit: j3collection )

We had the opportunity to chat with Finn about his single and what it truly means to do things lackluster in love and in life.

Read what he had to say and then prepare to feel all the feels as you watch his debut video for the powerful song below.

Artist: Finn Matthews

Single: "Half Hearted"

What it means to Finn: " 'Half Hearted' is a story about someone not being fully committed to something. In the song, it means this in a romantic way, but this idea can go with anything—why would you go to the gym if you're only going to do one push up? Why would you buy a coffee if you're only going to take one sip? I think most people will be able to relate to this. This song is about love, but I can think of countless times when I wonder if I've really given it my best."

Biggest influences: "My biggest influence musically is Michael Jackson. My dad used to play his music videos on the TV when I was a kid and I always loved how high energy and exciting they were. His music is amazing."

Dream venue: "Madison Square Garden"

Dream duet would be with: "Alessia Cara. I love all of her music, especially because her songs are so genuine and relatable for someone my age."

Fave songs: "Nights," by Frank Ocean, "Fresh Eyes," by Andy Grammer, "A Change of Heart," by The 1795, "4 Your Eyez Only," by J Cole and "All Time Low," by Jon Bellion

What you hope to accomplish: "I just want to make people feel something and I want people to be able to connect to my music." 

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