Love Finneas? Use One of These Lyrics As Your Next Instagram Caption

If you love Billie Eilish, chances are that you're also a fan of her big brother, Finneas.

Not only does he help her write and produce her own songs, but he also has a solo career of his own. His two albums, Blood Harmony and Optimist are jam-packed with some incredible tunes that we love to play on repeat. If you feel like showing off your appreciation for Finneas, use one of his following lyrics as your next Instagram caption.

For that post-run photo:

"I could drink the river dry, and still die of thirst."


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For that New Year's resolution you're starting again:

"Fallin' in and out of love and fallin' in again. We were never any good at being friends."

-"A Concert Six Months From Now"


For when you're looking into your S.O.'s eyes:

"You're the sound of a song and I can't get you out of my head."

-"Lost My Mind"


For that throwback pic from the '90s:

"Sometimes I think about the '90s. I know that everyone romanticized it, but you could sign me up for a world without the internet."

-"The 90s"


For when you've done something good:

"We've got the time to take the world and make it better than it ever was. That's what they'll say about us."

-"What They'll Say About Me"

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For when you're watching the sun set:

"If the sky darkens above you, I'll stay by your side in the afterglow."

-"Die Alone"


For that pic of your favorite person (or animal) in the world:

"I only dream about you once or twice a night at most."

-"I Don't Miss You At All"


For when you're splashing around in a fountain:

"The fountain doesn't give you back your youth."

-"Only a Lifetime"


For that pic of you and your besties heading out for the night:

"Let's fall in love for the night and forget in the mornin'."

-"Let's Fall In Love for the Night"

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