Creative Post Ideas for Your Finsta Account

Instagram versus reality—two completely different things.

One is the persona we put on for the world, while the other is what's actually happening behind closed doors. While it's nice to post photos of us looking good on our Instas, it's also fun to show our silly sides on our Finstas (aka fake Instagrams, or private Instagram account only for close friends and family).

If you need some helpful pointers to keep your close followers engaged, keep reading for creative post ideas for your Finsta account!

Hilarious Screenshot:

You can take this in so many directions. Some examples: an embarrassing text from your mom, your friend group chat, a weird search you looked up on Google, wrong number texts and more.

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Expectation vs. Reality:

Have you ever ordered something online thinking it's cute, but when it comes in the mail you look like a potato sack? We've all been there. Post the image of the model wearing the outfit alongside what it looks like on you.



Take it back a decade and show your Finsta followers how cute you were as a baby. Your parents probably dressed you up in some pretty weird clothes well into your toddler years.


Yearbook Pic:

We all have embarrassing photos from elementary and middle school. Some are too funny not to share. Find a yearbook photo of you wearing a questionable fashion trend that is now completely out of style.


Embarrassing Family Photo:

Whip out some old family photo albums—you'll absolutely find something cringeworthy. Look for photos of everyone matching, vacation pics or Christmas cards.


Video of You Scaring Your Friend:

Capturing your friend's scream on camera is something that needs to be documented. Hide behind a door, pretend there's a huge spider on them or put on a scary mask.

home alone Kevin screaming

(Home Alone via 20th Century Fox)


Funny Meme:

We all have a go-to meme that never fails to make us laugh. Search for a video, post from another account or something you found on Twitter.


Mirror Selfie:

Gather all your girlfriends and head to the bathroom for a mini photoshoot. Take a mixture of cute and funny photos to show off to your followers.


Face Mask:

Most people don't see how much effort we put into taking care of our skin. Serums, moisturizers, toners, oils and masks are just some of the products we all use. Show off your fave face mask on your Finsta.

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Need help coming up with a funny caption for your "real" Instagram? HERE are some caption ideas for your selfies.