Fionna the Human: An Adventure Time Costume Tutorial!

We're back this week with yet another sweet and simple Halloween costume tutorial inspired by girl power! Today, we explain the easy steps to put together a costume for Adventure Time's Fionna the Human, Finn the Human's gender-swapped fan-fiction counterpart!adventure time fionna halloween tutorialThough Fionna exists only in the Ice King's fan-fiction, she's a force to be reckoned with. She's fearless with a strong sense of adventure, and even though she's constantly rescuing princes from sure doom, she'd rather be a single and independent lady.

To be Fionna for Halloween, you'll probably only have to pick up a couple of items. You might be able to find some of the needed pieces in your existing wardrobe!

Fionna's signature accessory is her white bunny ears hat. If you can't find one that wraps around the head, like Fionna's, any bunny ears will do! You can copy the look by letting your bangs flow free to one side!

Her outfit is super straightforward. Wear a long, light-blue sweater over a deep blue skirt, plus long white socks and black Mary Janes to put the whole piece together. Fionna's outfit is topped off with a two-tone green backpack, but you can use any green back to complete the look!

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