Hayley Williams Was The Girl On Fire Before It Was Cool

Rainbow hair may have been the hot trend yesterday, but today it is literally so yesterday. It's all about the fire hair now. Dying your locks to become a girl on fire seems to have appeared out of nowhere, right? Um, wrong! These eight characters (and one actual person) definitely had something to do with making the hair color so popular.


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Rock goddess Hayley Williams may have been in the business of misery, but nothing is miserable about her fiery hair color.


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We all know Charmander as one of the cutest Pokémon, but who knew he was such a trendsetter?


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Thank goodness no one's taken the hair trend as literally as Hades.


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Heat Miser had his hair on point…literally.


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Syndrome was a bad guy with some really good hair.


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Flame Princess is pretty much hair goals all the time.


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The Muppets must be very proud of Beaker for being a part of a major trend.


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You work that fire-colored mane, Spitfire!


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