6 First-Date Ideas That Will Save You In Case Things Get Awkward

You guys, let's get real: First dates can be awkward on so many levels.

You and the person you're out with are likely in the early stages of getting to know each other, initial small-talk can be a drag and you two may have a difference of opinion on what you consider a "fun" date spot or activity. This is where we come in to help. Suggesting one of the below spots to the person you'll be spending a lengthy amount of time with is sure to ease any possible tension between you guys.

Scroll below and prepare to have fun!

1. The Arcade

Arcades are amazing because regardless of who you are, all the noises and flashing lights will keep all your senses simulated. You can also have your friends spy on you and make a game out of how your date is going. Most importantly, for some reason snacks at arcade concessions just taste so much better.

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2. House Party

Taking a new date to a house party is always a great choice. In a perfect world, your squad could join you on the date to serve as a buffer and potential wingmen. At house parties your friends being there and interacting with you is more than acceptable. Bathroom runs will keep you gossiping with your girls if it goes wrong.


3. Concert

With this type of date, one rule must be enacted before attempting: Make sure it's an act you totally dig. If your date doesn't keep you interested, you know your long term relationship with the singer or band will give you life, long after the demise of the date.


4. Sightseeing Tour

This is a quirky idea but how many of you guys actually know about your city? Going on a city tour will keep you informed on the history of your town and will set up another chance for your girlfriends to spy on you.

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5. Botanical Garden

This one comes with a bunch of really great perks. If your date is going really poorly you can always make the excuse of having an allergic reaction to pollen to put the get-together on an immediate pause. If you're able to stick it out, the space will give you amazing selfies that will make all your friends jealous. Win-win!


6. Museum

This one is a versatile option. Your selfie game will be on fire and if all goes well, who wouldn't want to say that they got together with their S.O. at such a romantic spot? Being inspired by all the art is more than enough to make this a winning choice.
Remember that regardless of where you are, have fun! Always go places where your friends can potentially join in when it becomes a disaster. Map out an escape plan well in advance, and set your phone's timer at a certain hour with the sound of your ringtone.


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