A Pro Stylist Gives Us First Date Outfit Advice for Guys

If you're a guy and have a first date planned, we wish you the best of luck!

Since first impressions are super important, we think you need to pay particular attention to your outfit. And if you have zero clues as to the dos and don'ts of what to wear, we've got you covered. We had a chat with Beverly, founder and CEO of ProjectBee (an image and consulting company), and she gave us the best advice. Continue below to find out all she had to say about what guys should wear on a first date!

Sweety High: Tell us about yourself! 

Beverly: Hi! I'm Beverly, a native New Yorker but currently living in London! I'm an image and wardrobe consultant and personal shopper. I'm a fashion lover and also a major foodie. You will probably always find me on a plane flying somewhere for work but mostly for pleasure.


SH: What's the weirdest thing a guy has worn on a date with you?

Beverly: I've seen a lot of weird things, but I will have to say one of the weirdest things was when he decided to wear leather pants and a leather vest, which I thought was very risky. Let's just say it was a good conversation starter, but there was never a second date!


SH: What should guys wear on a first date?

Beverly: Guys have it pretty easy when it comes to getting dressed up. Something as simple as wearing a jacket with a fitted tee can automatically make his look from casual to dressy. On the first date, I will keep it neutral. If you're planning a dinner date, I will go for a dark slim fit jean, a fitted white tee, a sports coat or a tailored bomber jacket. A suede Chelsea boot is always a great idea as it keeps the look modern and sleek. Or, for a more sporty look, do a classic tennis sneaker in a neutral color. For a casual movie date, I will say a slim fitted jean, a lightweight sweater and a sneaker. Guys literally have it so easy!


SH: What should guys avoid wearing on a first date?

Beverly: Overall, I will just avoid wearing clothing that's just too big unless it's part of your look and you're opting for more of a street style look, but if it's clothing that is just overall the wrong size, I will avoid wearing that. For guys, it really comes down to fit, which can make you go from put-together to sloppy. Also, anything with heavy logos!


SH: How should guys style hair?

Beverly: If you're blessed with nice hair, show it! If not, keep it clean and tamed.


SH: Are hats okay to wear?

Beverly: I think hats are okay to wear, especially if it's an outdoor date—wearing a hat indoors, not so much.


SH: What about cologne? How much is too much?

Beverly: If it's already a strong scent, I will only do one spritz. You never want to smell like you went through the entire bottle of your cologne.


SH: Anything else we should know?

Beverly: Keep it neat! The easiest way to do that is by ironing your shirt.


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