5 Thoughts You Have On A First Date

It's your first date and you are feeling everything from excitement to nervousness to giddiness.

There are so many thoughts that go through our mind on a first date, and below are five of them.

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Is My Life Now A Rom-Com?

You are on cloud nine since your crush asked you on a date. You start to think of all your favorite romantic comedies and fantasize about how you're now living breathing proof of a rom-com in the making. You are so sure the night will be perfect that you imagine Katherine Heigl will star as you in the next on-screen hit.

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Can They Tell I'm Nervous?

They pick you up or you meet at the spot, and you were calm, cool and collected up until you saw them smile at you. Instantly you are puddy and the butterflies in your stomach just started flapping intensely. You wave at them and give them a hug, but you realize you are grinning really big and a little short of breath. Can they tell you're nervous? Truth is, probably, but the good news is they're most likely more nervous than you even if they seem to be keeping it together.


Should I Pay?

The most dreaded part of the date is that awkward moment when you don't know if they're going to pay. There's occasionally the case in which you are unsure if it is officially a date. In that case, say, "Would you like me to get my half?" It's polite to offer, even if you feel like the bill should be handled by them. Fingers crossed!


Will They Make The First Move?

The first move can be subtle but it's okay if it comes from you. A great first move is grabbing their hand as you walk out of the restaurant, or lock fingers while you're in the movie theater. There is no way they will question your thoughts after that move. Now that you did your part, leave the rest up to them.

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Will They Kiss Me?

Don't be too worried about the kiss. If you got to the hand-holding step, that's a great sign. Sometimes a kiss doesn't happen until the second or even third date. Don't rush it and let it happen naturally. If the feeling is right and you both lock eyes and the world gets still, then let it happen.


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