5 Life-Enriching Things to Do on the First Day of Fall

While fall is synonymous with pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween, it's also a spiritual season of rebirth, renewal and reflection.

The autumn leaves symbolize change—and the brisk, dark nights are perfect for cozying up with your thoughts. Fall is less a time for hitting the social scene, and more an opportunity to be at peace with one's self.

If you find yourself missing the excitement of summer, it's time to embrace the beauty of the most spiritual season. Keep reading for five life-enriching things to do on the first day of fall:


1. Complete a Spiritual Activity

Whether you seek out reiki healing, partake in a sound bath, do 20 minutes of meditation or simply go on a nature walk, there's no better time to disconnect from the distractions of your busy life than during fall. Kick off the season by checking in with yourself, tuning out negativity and resetting your energy. Setting a peaceful, positive tone for the season and clearing your mind will get you far.

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2. Set an Intention

Do you want to bring love into your life? Do you want to be less burdened by the problems of others? Do you want to move to a different state after graduation or find a new job? If there's something you truly want, fall is the season to go after it. With far less distractions than any other time of year, now's your big opportunity to focus on you, by setting intentions. There are many ways to go about this process, but we've documented one of the powerful options HERE.


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3. Let Go of the Past

If you feel your personal growth is stunted, it's no secret what's holding you back: You're harboring feelings from the past. Whether it's grudges you have against people who've wronged you, or you're letting past mistakes eat away at you, not letting go of the past means holding on to negative energy that continues to build inside of you. Fall is all about rebirth and renewal, so just let go. At the end of the day, no one suffers from holding on except you.

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4. Select a Scent to Define the Season

Next to winter, fall is the season most defined by scent. And scent is such a powerful sense that just one whiff can take you back to an exact moment. Use the first day of fall to rummage through an array of aromas (via candles, plugins, signature lotion or body spray, whatever) and select one that you want to associate with the rest of the season. Go into it knowing that the next three months will be captured by this one scent. The great thing about doing this is, for better or for worse, only this aroma will be associated with this season, this year. If you never want to look back, you never have to smell this again; whereas, if you want to remember this time forever, simply light the candle, plug in the air freshener or spritz on some of the perfume.



5. Put Your Most Fashionable Foot Forward

First impressions are everything, so when it comes to fall fashion, you'll want to kick off the season with a bang. Do some major Insta browsing, try on a bunch of outfits—heck, even meet with a stylist at a major department store. Pave the way for fall fashion trends on campus this year by dressing to impress. If you put your most fashionable foot forward, your confidence will soar, making you ready to take on the season like a champ.

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