11 Stages Of Picking Out the Perfect First Day Of School Outfit

There's no more denying that the first day of school is just around the corner. The moment you start working on your outfit for the first day of school is the moment you've got to accept that summer is pretty much over, but we feel your pain.

1. Going through your entire wardrobe and laying everything out only to realize that you've got NOTHING to wear…

clueless closet exploration

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2. Which inspires a shopping trip for the ages with your squad.


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3. But once you get home, you realize that none of the totally cute pieces you bought are actually working together to create THE outfit.

cat ensemble doesn't work back to school

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4. So you turn to your best friend, the internet, for some inspo.

spongebob on computer back to school

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5. You consider a complete and total overhaul of your look.

elsa outfit transformation frozen back to school

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6. Something that totally reflects your unique look and makes you stand out in a crowd.

bird stands out back to school

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7. But you also don't want to be a total outcast, so you go back and forth on it.

black sheep at back to school

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8. After all, you can't be caught dead in the same old thing, right?

doug closet just one outfit

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9.  There's nothing better than the feeling of relief when you finally, finally decide on your outfit and get it all laid out the night before.

demi lovato arms up celebrate back to school

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10. Even if you change it again the morning of.

13 going on 30 closet back to school

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11. And when you finally get to school, you realize what you're wearing isn't all that important, and that it's just time to sit back and get your learn on.

at in classroom back to school

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Need even more pointers for back to school time? Look below (yes right there) for the ultimate inspo from Bethany Mota and G Hannelius.