Everything You Can Expect to Happen During Your First Driving Lesson

Before you get your license, you usually have to take a handful of driving lessons with an instructor.

While getting behind the wheel sounds exciting for some, others are probably pretty worried about the situation. We get it, which is why we figured we'd run through everything you can expect to experience during your first driving lesson below.

Your Instructor Will Meet You at Your House

More often than not, your instructor will pick you up at your house in a car they use for student drivers. Once they arrive, they'll spend a fair amount of time talking to your parents about their lesson plan. It's important your 'rents are home when the instructor comes, because they may need to sign some paperwork and need to know you'll be safe.


They'll Take You for a Drive Around Your Neighborhood

If you're nervous to drive, don't sweat it. You aren't going to get behind the wheel right away on your first lesson. Your instructor will drive you around your neighborhood first, chatting with you about all things driving.

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A Lot of Information Will Be Thrown Your Way

While your instructor is driving you around, they're going to give you a lot of information. You'll learn about how to use your brakes and accelerator and hear more than you need to know about the importance of wearing your seatbelt. All this information may start to overwhelm you, but don't let it. Your instructor doesn't expect you to remember all of it because they know there's a ton of stuff being thrown your way. If you forget something, don't worry. Mistakes are going to happen.


You'll Get Acquainted With Your Car

By the time you're done with your first lesson, you'll know a lot more about your car than you were expecting. You'll be taught how to adjust the mirrors, seats and steering wheel, along with understanding how to use your lights, signals, brake and accelerator. You need to know all of this before you get behind the wheel.

There will be a lot more you need to learn, but luckily you'll have a few more lessons to go over all of that. Again, don't freak if there are a few things you don't remember.

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You'll Get to Drive for a Bit

After you learn the ins and outs of your car, you'll get the chance to drive. You'll likely stay in a residential area and won't go onto surface streets just yet. Your instructor wants to make sure you're comfortable before they have you drive on streets with more cars.

If you don't feel ready to do so, let your instructor know. Chances are they could already sense your uneasiness and will understand if you want to hold off on driving until your next lesson. You will have to do it eventually, though. They're called driving lessons for a reason.


Your Lesson Will Last About Two Hours

While a ton of stuff will be covered in your first lesson, it'll only last about two hours. It may seem like a long time, but it'll go by faster than you know it. Once the time is up, you'll head on home and call it a day.

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Your Instructor Will Go Over Your Performance

After your instructor drives you back home, they'll do a quick rundown of everything you've learned and evaluate your performance. They'll praise all the things you did right and let you know what you need to work on for your next lesson.

Being critiqued isn't easy, but your instructors are telling you these things because they want you to be the best driver possible. Listen to them.


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