First Flight Home Music Video From Jake Miller!

In Jake Miller's new music video for his hit single "First Flight Home," the star boards a plane and heads home after a long time away.First Flight Home Jake Miller

The video begins with Jake getting his passport stamped before he boards the plane that will finally bring him home. The video perfectly suits the song's message about longing for home and the chance to see the people you care about most!

Throughout the video, the stories of the other passengers on the plane also unfold, making their  reunions with their families and loved ones even sweeter!

The travel-themed music video also makes for some fantastic performance shots as Jake plays his guitar sitting on the wing of an airplane, and sings among stacks of suitcases.

Check out the music video below, and watch our behind-the-scenes coverage of the music video here to find out which hit movie shared the plane set from the video and a lot more! Don't forget to join our Jake Miller fan club on, too!