This Is The First Picture Your Fave Celebs Posted To Instagram

The Instagram aesthetic of our fave celebs has come a ~long~ way since the very first IG pic they posted.



Taylor Swift's first IG was a pic of her grandma. Loving the vintage feel!



We relate to Justin Bieber's first pic on a spiritual level. Traffic is ~the~ best!



Harry Styles took a far more creative approach for his first pic. He posted some deer with the caption 'Deerstagram?'…oh, Harry.



It's no surprise that Fifth Harmony's first pic was of them as a group. Major throwback feels are happening!



We NEED the sunglasses Jesy and Leigh-Anne from Little Mix rocked in the group's first Insta pic. They're perfect for summer!



We wonder what R5 was talking about in this pic. Probably their plans to take over the world, nbd.



How cute is Lauren in Cimorelli's first Insta post?! She's living the dream with that closet.



We can't even deal with the fact that Shawn Mendes' first pic was of his cat. HELP!



You may not be able to recognize her, but that graceful ballerina is Lucy Hale.



AWWWWWWW, Ariana Grande's first pic was with her grandpa! BRB, crying!


Dove Cameron posted a selfie celebrating her last day of high school for her first IG.



Laura Marano went full-on nature photog for her first post.



Sabrina Carpenter's first pic…GORGEOUS!



Rowan Blanchard was excited to share her pre-paddle boarding adventure with everyone.



Demi Lovato showed off her support for CeCe Frey during their The X Factor days. We are obsessed with the leopard print makeup their sporting. Let's bring that back, Demi!



Our fave flashback Insta post though, is def Selena Gomez with her fans. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!



Now that you've seen the first EVER Insta post from these celebs, it's important that you are up to date on their most recent pic. Especially Camila Cabello's, because it is EVERYTHING!