8 Scenarios That Demonstrate the Agonizing Expectations vs. Realities of Starting Your First Job

Getting your first summer job is one of the most exciting, terrifying and valuable experiences ever.

Before your first day, you have a lot of nerves and a heap of unrealistic expectations. If you're dipped your toes into the world of employment, you'll know exactly what we're talking about!

Be prepared to nod in agreement as you scroll through these eight all-too-real first job expectation vs. reality scenarios. ????


First Day on the Job

Trish and Dez from Austin & Ally

(via Disney Channel)

Expectation: You're so super pumped for your first day! A co-worker or boss will sit with you the whole day and make sure that you know exactly what you're doing. By the end of the day you'll be a pro at your job!

Reality: You're scared out of your mind from the moment you walk in. You're given minimal instructions and have to fend for yourself! ????


The Money

Trish from Austin & Ally with a money tree

(via Disney Channel)

Expectation: You'll be rolling in dough in no time! Hello, shopping spree! ????

Reality: All the money you make goes towards gas to get you to and from your new job. Also, why didn't anyone warn you about taxes?!


The Set Up

Trish from Austin & Ally at a desk

(via Disney Channel)

Expectation: If you're at an office job, your employer will set you up at a nice cubicle with a computer of your own and the cutest stationary! Yay for being a grown-up!

Reality: You're given the corner of the office's designated junk table to work off of. They hand you a pen and paper – you better be ready to take notes!


Lunch Breaks

Trish and Dez on a picnic from the show Austin & Ally

(via Disney Channel)

Expectation: You can take long, luxurious lunch breaks at the local sushi joint.

Reality: You're lucky if you have time to eat.


Friends Visiting

Trish at work on the beach in Austin & Ally

(via Disney Channel)

Expectation: Your friends will obviously come visit you whenever they can. They'll bring you your fave drink from Starbucks and keep you company when things are slow.

Reality: Your friends try and visit you, but you're so slammed with work you have no time to chat and you know you'll get in major trouble if you're caught socializing on the job. Womp, womp, womp.



Miss Suzy from Austin and Ally

(via Disney Channel)

Expectation: You and your co-workers will be besties for life!

Reality: You and your co-workers are so varied in age. Sure, you get along okay, but you're not exactly on that bff level.


Taking a Day Off

Trish from Austin & Ally looking confused

(via Disney Channel)

Expectation: You'll still be able to go on all those vacations your fam planned out months ago, and requesting time off on major holidays is no problemo!

Reality: Requesting a day off is terrifying because your boss stresses how short-staffed/busy/crazy the company is at the moment. Buh-bye vacation.


Your Uniform

Trish from Austin & Ally dressed in a giant cheese costume

(via Disney Channel)

Expectation: You can't wait to wake up each morning and put on your adorable (and totally profesh) work uniform!

Reality: Ugliest. Uniform. Ever. Help!


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