5 Signs You're Ready for Your First Kiss

Having your first kiss only comes once in a lifetime, so it's important to be prepared.

How can you tell if you're ready? Keep scrolling to find out if you're ready for your first smooch. Pucker up!

You're More Excited Than Scared

It's okay to be nervous before your first kiss, but if that's all you're feeling, it may be a sign that you're not ready to smooch for real. That's perfectly okay—you'll have your first kiss when you're ready. But if you can't stop thinking about it and it gives you an excited rush of adrenaline, then this may be a sign you're good to go!

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There's Someone Special You'd Like to Kiss

If you've got an S.O. and dream about sharing your first kiss with them, you may be ready. It's good to be mentally prepared and excited to have your first kiss with someone you trust.

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The Thought of Kissing Doesn't Gross You Out

Putting your mouth on someone else's mouth is totally weird, but it can also be a magical experience. If you're prepared to swap spit (and germs) with someone in exchange for a special moment, you may be ready to go for it.


You've Thought About It for a While

If it's been on your mind for a long time, chances are you're mentally prepared for your first kiss. Nothing is worse than being caught off-guard for a yucky first experience.

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You Just Feel Ready

Deep down, if you feel ready, you probably are! No one knows you better than yourself, so it's really up to you to decide how you feel about the situation. Remember, getting butterflies is totally normal. Listen to your gut and do what's most comfortable for you.


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